Essential oil users often find themselves looking for new and innovative ways to utilize their most coveted oils. It all starts with a high quality diffuser in the home and then probably another one for a separate part of the house. In some cases you may even grow your collection to accommodate each family member within the home. Once you begin using Young Living essential oils and see firsthand how amazing they are you cannot help but immerse yourself in them. Once you have experimented with your favorite blends and created mixtures that work great for your personal needs you probably have gone ahead and made some blends in glass roller balls or spray bottles for quick application and use on the go.

It is great to have essential oil spray in a handy small glass bottle that you can mist on yourself or in your car while you are traveling. Roller ball bottles are also effective for quick uses during a busy day but there is another option that will have you rejoicing.  Portable and easy to use car oil diffusers literally make your travel stress free and soothing.

USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser

When it comes to car oil diffusers there are so many options that it may seem a bit overwhelming. There are two basic types to choose from and then it gets a little more involved. You can purchase a misting or non-misting Young Living car oil diffuser. The non-misting oil diffuser does not require water and will not add humidity or mist to the air within your car. You simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and turn on the device.

This type of waterless diffuser is sometimes called a nebulizer or an aromafier.  The aromafier type of diffuser has a piece of felt inside of a lid that easily comes off. You add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this felt and then snap the lid back in place. A tiny fan inside will turn on and distribute the scent around your vehicle. It will run off of batteries, a USB plug or a real power plug so you can take this small device with you anywhere you travel.

You can purchase additional felt pads or create your own. The nebulizer style is ultrasonic and does not use water; you add up to ten drops of your favorite oil and turn it on. This type of diffuser runs off of a USB plug or a rechargeable battery. Depending upon what size you purchase you may find one that runs up to ten hours which makes it ideal for your commute to and from work as well as your time in the office. The second type of USB car oil diffuser is the standard water utilizing diffuser. These come in a variety of sizes and can be small enough to plug right into a lighter port or large enough to fit inside a cup holder and utilize the USB car port or a battery for operation. These work the exact same way the large ones in your home do except they are portable and smaller which makes them fabulous for road trips and travel. 

Car Diffuser

At this point you may be wondering why you should consider purchasing a car oil diffuser and how you would benefit from one over the mist and oil roller bottles you have already created. A portable car oil diffuser will provide a continuous mist of aromatherapy fragrance within your car. If you are traveling with small children that can become car sick or irritable you can use some of your stomach calming or relaxing blends to make the trip easier on them.

Oils to Diffuse when Commuting to Work

If you commute to work and have a hectic and arduous drive you may want to use some lavender essential oil or chamomile oil to set your nerves at rest a bit. When traveling to a meeting or conference where you need to focus you can surround yourself with awakening and revitalizing citrus oil as well as peppermint essential oil and clary sage essential oil to help stabilize your mood and thoughts before your meeting. The misting variety is also especially beneficial during the cold and dry winter months. This allows for a bit of humidity to become present within your vehicle. During the winter months colds and sore throats are more prevalent and misting some eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon will create a cold and throat soothing environment during your commute time.

Powerful Aroma’s

You can also diffuse immunity boosting essential oils such as oregano essential oil, peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, lavender oil and lemon oil to surround yourself in a powerhouse of aromas to help ward off any sickness you may come in contact with. This is a great way to use pure essential oils with ease. Because these diffusers are portable and come with a great variety of ways to use them you can remove them from your car and utilize them in your hotel room if you are traveling for work or vacation. Many car oil diffusers utilize batteries and USB plugs which allows them to plug into adapters or laptops. They take up very little space and the most room you will give up within your vehicle is a cup holder.

Portable Car Diffuser

A portable car oil diffuser is also a wonderful way to keep your car smelling fabulous. During the summer months cars can often gain a sticky and sweaty smell from passengers continually riding in your car. You can diffuse a bit of tea tree oil for its antimicrobial benefits as well as a little refreshing lemon essential oil to purify your vehicles air from unwanted odors. Your car oil diffuser makes a wonderful all natural air freshener.

The store bought clip on air fresheners often have an overpowering smell as soon as you place them in your car. If you read the ingredients on the back of the packaging you will see that you are inhaling a large amount of harmful chemicals when you use this type of air freshener. Essential oils are all natural because they are derived from plants. The essential oil is a highly concentrated essence of the plant. When you diffuse essential oils for your air freshening needs you are using the most natural product available. 

Q: How long do diffusers last?

A: This depends on what type of diffuser you are using. Plug-in diffusers run out of oil quicker, especially if you use a continuous mist setting. Vent clip diffusers last longer but require you to have the air on in your vehicle.


Q: How long does a car diffusers last?

A: This can vary depending on the diffuser, some non usb diffusers can run up to 8 hrs and some as low as 30mins to 1 hr.

Q: Do essential oil car diffusers work

A:  Yes, they absolutely work, you get to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and get to have a awesome smelling car.

Q: Why Essential Oils in the Car?

That iconic “new car smell”? It’s the result of hundreds of chemicals off-gassing! The average car contains dozens of chemicals (like flame retardants and lead) that off-gas into the air we breathe. These have been linked with everything from headaches to cancer and memory loss.

Keeping the car interior and air clean is key to creating a healthier car environment. According to AAA, we spend more than 290 hours a year in our vehicles on average. That’s a lot of time spent in a potentially toxic brew!

Fortunately there are other ways to minimize toxin exposure. Essential oils help keep the car interior clean, purify the air, and reduce bacteria and viruses on car surfaces.