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Diffusing Essential Oils For Energy

Are you having trouble getting up in the morning, getting through your work day without those extra cups of coffee, or keeping your energy level even throughout the day? If so, I get it! I’m not naturally a morning person, and never have been. That problem got worse once I had two little ones who interrupt my sleep with trips to the bathroom, bad dreams, and requests for water. Add in the day-to-day trouble of shutting off my brain, and morning seems to come way too fast! If that sounds like you, check out our post on essential oils for sleep that can help. Due to the lack of sleep that I sometimes struggle with, I got in the bad habit of chugging coffee in the morning - which would cause me to crash later. Then came another cup of coffee, followed by a crash. By 3 pm, I was seriously lagging, and heading home at the end of the day I had seriously low energy levels for managing my evening. Once again, essential oils came to my rescue. Not only did I begin using them to help my sleep and night-time routine, I added them to my day to increase my energy levels. Here’s a few things I did and a few of my favorite oil combinations to diffuse for energy.

You probably know by now that essential oils have a huge variety of health benefits. One of the best is that they can increase motivation, energy levels, and mood naturally and without toxins. They do this by affecting areas of the brain that control stress and tiredness. By inhaling aromatically or applying topically, the properties from the essential oil go straight to your brain and improve focus, leaving you more awake.

Citrus based oils like lemon, grapefruit, or orange are great for improving energy levels and fighting fatigue. There are many ways to do so, since the oils are so versatile. I like to add some to unscented body products that I use following my morning shower. You can also put a few drops in the bottom of your shower and let the steam activate their special properties. Use a carrier oil like coconut oil and add a few drops of grapefruit oil for a natural moisturizer that’s also a pick-me-up! Lemon oil has been shown to regulate blood pressure, as well as flush the body of toxins. This makes it another great choice for adding to your morning routine! Lemon has a wonderful flavor so try adding a few drops to your morning water or tea (make sure it’s a pure grade before ingesting). Orange oil has been shown to reduce stress and fight tiredness, so this is a nice one to try during the day. Orange is particularly good for diffusing, since it has a nice pleasant smell that isn’t too strong. During particularly stressful times, or the gray winter months that can feel extra exhausting, you might want to keep a diffuser running in the main rooms of your house to give all your family members a boost throughout the day. Finally, many citrus essential oils have great antibacterial properties, so they can be added to household cleaners. Not only does this ward off germs, but leaves a lingering scent that you can breathe in all day. The other nice thing about these citrus oils is they blend well, so you can make your own combinations.

Cinnamon oil may make you think of holidays, but that warm cozy feeling can actually translate to an energy boost. Cinnamon oil helps the body increase blood flow. This causes a warming effect that contributes to relaxation, but can also “wake up” the brain and improve focus. Cinnamon essential oil also regulates blood sugar levels, which is important after eating a big meal - think about the sluggishness that you feel sometimes after lunch! This oil can help with that. Try using it on-the-go during your busy day with a portable diffuser.

Peppermint has many physical health benefits, but also helps with mental and emotional health as well. It can lift spirits, stimulate concentration, and combat the mental fatigue that comes with working for long hours. Diluted peppermint oil can be massaged onto temples or behind the neck (this is also great for headaches, which can sometimes accompany tiredness). You can also use aromatherapy, by adding to your Young Living diffuser or smelling straight from the open bottle. You can even ingest high-quality peppermint essential oil by adding a drop or two to your morning coffee or tea.

Great essential oil combinations to diffuse:

The best way to increase your energy and focus is by getting proper rest, nutrition, and hydration. Essential oils can be a part of the natural solutions that help your body and mind function as they should - giving you a great boost in energy and motivation in the process!

Disclaimer: We are avid essential oil enthusiasts and not medical professionals. We do not attempt or proclaim to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Any health and wellness products - including all natural, holistic, and essential oil remedies - should be discussed with your doctor prior to use. All information and content on this site are for purely informational purposes and should not be treated as medical advice or to self-diagnose or self-treat. Please read all product labels carefully as specific information might differ from this website. Call a medical professional immediately if you suspect that you have a medical or health issue. Information on this website has not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration and should be taken as such.