There is nothing to be ashamed of more than a face full of pimples and postulates, acne is one of the most stressful conditions that have an impact on self-esteem. However, there are natural ways to treat it successfully without affecting your skin or organism, we talk about essential oils for acne .

Yes, essential oils can end acne or significantly decrease it. Diverse studies demonstrate its effectiveness. Not only when applied, but in aromatherapy with essential oil diffuser, your acne can be treated and diminished. You want to know more? Then read on and discover how essential oils give you a cleaner, smoother and smoother face.

Essential oils for acne

Many people opt for invasive acne treatment, such as: creams full of chemicals, harmful drugs and even painful microdermabrasions. While the above have efficiencies are very expensive, they have side effects and stress your skin.

Acne drugs are harmful

By taking drugs, such as isotretinoin in any of its trademarks problems you expose yourself to serious s during pregnancy, also can damage your skin during sun exposure take to and suffer from a dry skin. While this drug can help you, the risks are very high, especially for women who may become pregnant.

Creams are not more effective, they are expensive and their results are slow

As for the creams many of these are expensive and, the results are late. In addition, when loaded with chemicals, the skin reacts by stressing and eventually have negative effects , such as: premature skin aging .

The best choice: essential oils

For their part, essential oils are completely natural, have no chemical addictives and can do wonders for your skin. However, its effects will depend on your constancy in its use, they are not as fast as isotretinoin, but they will not cause damage to your body.

The best Young Living essential oils to treat acne

There are many brands on the market, but Young Living essential oils deserve special mention. Especially the essential oils for acne from: tea tree and rosemary, although they are not the only ones of this brand are amazing to treat acne.

Young Living Essential Oils : Tea Tree

This Young Living brand essential oil is a favorite for treating acne, as it has incredible properties, such as:

  • It is a powerful antifungal, not only treats acne, but different types of fungus.
  • It has antiseptic and antibiotic properties, especially on the skin so it is excellent for treating acne.
  • Thanks to its antiseptic properties it is very useful during throat infections, it is recommended to gargle with a solution of water and tea tree essential oil.
  • It also serves to treat dandruff and even lice infestations.

Simply tea tree essential oil can not be missing in your home.

How to use essential oils for acne ? Learn to use tea tree oil

If you want to extract all the properties of this essential oil and eliminate your acne you must:

  • Choose a good oil, Young Living essential oils are strongly recommended ; They are the ones with the best results.
  • Australian study shows that tea tree essential oil is as effective as benzoyl peroxide, just use it consistently.
  • Have a good cleaning routine, do not abuse cosmetics or chemical-laden hygiene products . Among other natural products use s best for your skin.
  • And finally, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Applying tea tree essential oil

The essential oil of tea tree can be applied directly on the swab pustules or pimples. Preferably it is recommended to do it before sleeping, in the morning the acne lesions will be more deflated.

You can also apply a few drops to the aloe vera gel and apply it as a mask before sleeping, your face will really improve a lot.

The Young Living essential oils especially tree tea are very good s to treat acne.

Young Living Rosemary Essential oils

Not only tea tree essential oil can help you treat acne, also rosemary oil is very good for this.

Like the previous essential oil, rosemary oil has incredible properties. It is ideal for use on oily skin; since the deep cleanses while refreshing and feels that s a surge of energy. All of the above, because it activates blood circulation; which causes all the nutrients to be concentrated in the area where the oil was applied.

In addition, the aroma of this oil induces calm and relaxation.

How to use essential oils for acne ? Learn to use rosemary oil

The essential oils can be applied directly to the face, but rosemary oil should be diluted in V- 6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex ; a Young Living brand product that will increase the effectiveness of rosemary oil.

If you apply both essential oils , rosemary and tea tree , your skin in a month will be cleaner, smoother and free of impurities. Also, from the Young Living brand you can find more products designed to overcome acne, I recommend them as they are natural and the best of their kind.

Aromatherapy and acne

You may think that aromatherapy cannot do much against acne, but you are wrong. Let’s think about acne triggers for a moment: improper hygiene, increased production of fats, hormones and stress.

Yes, stress ; The biggest enemy of the body may be causing you that ugly acne that invades your face. So it is a good idea to buy your essential oil diffuser and incorporate the rich aromas of lavender into your beauty routine.

For your body to look good you must feel good emotionally and spiritually. A good beauty routine includes aromatherapy, meditation and essential oils .

Essential Oils Uses

Do essential oils have different uses ? The answer is yes, you can apply essential oils on your hair, nails, skin and even on the back to fight a lumbago. The truth is, essential oils have unlimited uses.

Despite the above, you must choose your essential oils well because many unscrupulous sellers do not sell you essential oils, but mixtures that do not have the same effectiveness.

Where to buy essential oils ?

HERE you can get the best essential oils from well-known brands, such as: Young Living, which meets all the requirements and are totally reliable.

Remember that you can beat acne naturally, without putting your body at risk. If you still have doubts, contact me and I will gladly help you choose the best treatment for you.