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One of the most important things is cleanliness, so knowing how to clean the oil diffuser is vital. You can mix your favorite aromas, those that bring you pleasant memories or take you to beautiful places. For this to continue, you must know how to clean the mold from the essential oil diffuser.

This will help you to maintain the benefits that aromatherapy gives you. Remember that the residue left by the oil can cause the diffuser to malfunction. In that sense, today we bring you this article to learn how to clean the essential oil diffuser.

Unplug and empty the diffuser

It is not possible to clean the diffuser while it is plugged in, so you must unplug it. Then you proceed to empty the oil residues that are left. In any case, with the cleaning you will finish removing the residues.

The other cleaning steps will require the diffuser to be connected. Only then should you plug it back in. Learn how to clean a diffuser and you will lose less oil, since it is only necessary to do so when it is exhausted.

Fill your diffuser with clean water

Keeping the water clean is very important. So, knowing how to clean the essential oil diffuser is largely based on water. That is why you must place clean water and remove any residue that may be harmful or affect the function of the essential oil.

Besides water there are other elements with which you can do a good cleaning of your diffuser. However, you should not fill the diffuser with water or any other liquid beyond what is indicated on the container. If you do so, you may damage the diffuser’s ability to recycle the liquids properly.

Cleaning the essential oil diffuser with vinegar

A widely used way to clean the mold from the essential oil diffuser is to do it with vinegar. Of course, it also works to remove residue and leave the container very clean. Just add about ten drops of white vinegar to the water.

With the vinegar you will manage to remove all the particles of oils that remain stuck to the walls of the diffuser. In case you do not want to use vinegar, there is an effective way to clean an essential oil diffuser without vinegar. You can use cotton swabs and dip them in orange fragrant essential oil. This helps very well in the cleaning of your diffuser.

Rinse and remove

In this step water is again applied to the device. Fill it up to the indicated part and turn it on. You must let it work for 3 minutes, then empty it and dry it very well. With this you have almost finished the process of cleaning your essential oil diffuser.

Next, wipe the surface of the diffuser with a dry cloth. This is for the outer parts, which may require swabs again. Only when you are sure that the oil diffuser is dry can you use it again.

How often do you clean the essential oil diffuser

How often you clean your diffuser will depend on how you use it. It is normally recommended that you clean it every 2 weeks. But in case you have an essential oil diffuser in your office, you can clean it more regularly to ensure a better performance.

The amount of oil you use will also dictate how often you should clean the essential oil diffuser. If you use a lot, it is recommended that you clean the tank and membrane of your diffuser once a week.

How to clean the oil diffuser humidifier

The humidifier is an essential part of the diffusers. Its cleaning is just as important as the inside of the container. The humidifier is in charge of diffusing the air in the place, in case of not having a good cleaning it can cause respiratory problems.

In that sense, you must know how to clean the humidifier of the oil diffuser. Which is very simple, just use solutions with water and vinegar, soak the humidifier and with a soft bristle brush proceed to make the cleaning. The frequency with which you will do this procedure is once a day or every two days. It will depend on your use.

Keeping your diffusers clean will ensure that they work better. This will give you the best benefits of aromatherapy where you are.

A Young Living Essential Oil diffuser is a device that allows you to combine water with a minimal amount of  YL essential oils, for the purpose of dispersing a mist into the air, offering many aromatherapy benefits

To learn more about essential oils, visit our essential oil uses and benefits page with over 100 different ways you can use essential oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.