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Making your essential oil blends for a diffuser is the beginning of a journey into the wonderful world of aromatherapy. A home with the best oils to diffuse will always be a healthy home, with fresh, pure air to breathe. Receiving the therapeutic benefits of essential oils is vital, and by mixing them you get great results.

Mixing essential oils is not very complicated, you just have to take something into account. Always use aromas with the same therapeutic properties. That is, if you want to make a mixture to rest use lavender and chamomile, both fragrances are recommended for good rest.

In your mixture there should be 3 drops of each essential oil. If your container is 100 ml add 3 drops of lavender and chamomile or Ylang Ylang. Put your diffuser to work and you are guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep. In case it is for sleeping, we advise you to use it 30 minutes before going to bed, instead of using it all night.

If you want to have a mixture ready to use, you should find an empty bottle and add at least 15 drops of each essential oil. For example, if you want an essential oil such as citrus soother, you should use lavender, ylang ylang, and wild orange. Use as mentioned 15 drops of each oil in the empty bottle, you will have your mixture ready to use.

The best essential oil blends to diffuse

To go slowly, ideally you should start by trying common blends of pleasant smells. While handling blends of up to 5 different essential oils, duos are a success when it comes to blending oils.

A combination of mint and lavender, it’s perfect for the rest your mind and body require. Another one that works wonderfully is eucalyptus radiata and rosemary, this one, equally to promote rest.

If you’re a winning duo you should try the cinnamon and orange peel blend. For those winter days where you want to have a fresh aroma that reminds you of summer. These oils are very sought after for the energy they bring to the environment.

Over time you will discover what your favorite aromas are and experiment with new blends. To venture into this world of essential oils, you must give way to your imagination and make increasingly exquisite blends.

Blends of three essential oils to spread

From the duos, we go to the trios, here we already started to combine three different fragrances. The rule is simple, mix the fragrances coherently. Essential oils to combat stress do not mix with oils that relieve pain. It is the most recommended.

Once you have mastered the process of blending two essential oils, go for a third to add. This time, so you don’t waste oils, try it out before you mix it. It’s easy, put the bottles of the oils you want to mix together, remove the caps and smell them together. To do this, hold them with one hand.

To know the correct amount of each oil, remove and move each jar away from your nose. The one that loses its smell closer to the nose will be the one that needs more drops in the mixture. If you like the way they smell together, make your mixture and take it to the diffuser.

There are essential oils to diffuse that are very powerful. To prevent these from dominating, try to put a few drops in the mixture. These oils are basil, cinnamon bark, nutmeg and black pepper.

How do you blend the essential oils for perfume?

To make perfume with essential oils you must know the notes of the oils you want to mix. First you must know the high note oils, these will represent 10 to 20% of the mixture. Basil, lemon, wild orange, blanket, among others are high note oils.

The middle notes will occupy 60 or 80% of the mixture and it includes rosemary, lavender, oregano, chamomile and others. Finally, you must add base or fixed notes, from 10 to 20% of the mixture. Here are Copaiba, Blue Tansy, Cassia, Ylang Ylang, among others.

After having your favorite essences in the indicated portion, the ingredients are completed with alcohol, distilled water, a carrier oil and beeswax. Look for a glass container that can be fitted with a spray cap.

Remember that making a perfume is an art, so you see here are recommendations. You should look for a mixture that you like and that makes sense to you.

A Young Living Essential Oil diffuser is a device that allows you to combine water with a minimal amount of  YL essential oils, for the purpose of dispersing a mist into the air, offering many aromatherapy benefits.

To learn more about essential oils, visit our essential oil uses and benefits page with over 100 different ways you can use essential oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.