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Knowing how to use the Essential Oil Starter Kit is the first step to start living the wellness experience that our products provide. This is elementary, before becoming a brand promoter, it is important to know the usefulness of essential oils and thus take advantage of each of its properties.

Each Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit is designed to provide a comprehensive wellness experience for our members. In addition, each product included provides particular support for health, wellness, and more.

If you’d like to learn how to use the Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit, be sure to read the information below.

Using the Young Living Starter Kit

All Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kits include a listing of their products. Generally, the most popular essential oils are those included in the starter kits. This allows our members a variety of options for multiple uses.

The natural processing of essential oils, obtained directly from the plant. It allows their use to be appropriate for different actions. And its benefits are numerous. The starter kit will only be the beginning of a path full of possibilities for personal and economic growth.

Use of essential oils internally

Using some of the oils included in the kit as an element to give a different flavor to your dishes can be an excellent idea. Oregano or basil oils are two of the most used in the culinary art.

Your pasta, sauces and other foods will taste great and stay as healthy as if the plant were directly in the food.

Also, using lemon, tangerine, orange or grapefruit essential oils in your water will help increase your energy significantly. You will have more drive to perform your activities and also with a pleasant taste.

Use of essential oils aromatically

Without a doubt, one of the most common ways to make use of the essential oil kit is aromatherapy. Most essential oil starter kits include a Young Living diffuser that makes this practice much easier.

There are several benefits to mixing essential oils for diffusion. For the family, the home, and even pets. That’s why having a Young Living Diffuser at home, at work, or in the car will help you get the most out of each oil in your starter kit.

Cinnamon or bergamot oils, for example, are a great way to start the morning with energy and enthusiasm. They are even excellent for replacing caffeine consumed early in the day.

While mint helps to calm the stomach nerves that can appear before an important meeting at work.

Using the essential oil starter kit as a support to reduce cold or congestion is also possible. The properties of Lavender oil, for example, help to decongest the airways and allows for a better night’s sleep.

Topical use of essential oils

Essential oils contain excellent properties for the well-being of our skin, hair and even for massage. It is important to use them properly to avoid adverse reactions and to control their use on sensitive skin.

In any case, some oils require dilution before application. Only some of our oils are recommended for direct application to the skin. But in the case of pure essential oils, their high level of concentration requires them to be diluted in a carrier oil to make them safe for topical use.

How often to use the Young Living Starter Kit

The first thing you should know is that oils that are highly concentrated. As they are completely natural products, they do not require excessive diffusion or application.

Two drops of each oil will be enough to achieve the desired effect both in our meals and in the aromatherapy process.  They can be used daily, however, it is advisable to start using them slowly, to achieve a more effective adaptation.

They are natural elements, however it is necessary not to exceed their use to avoid adverse reactions.

An essential recommendation is to avoid sensitive areas such as ears, nose, mouth and eyes for direct application of essential oils. Also other areas of the skin prone to irritability.

Once you know how to use the Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit, we are confident you will enjoy the most rewarding experience our products offer.

Using your Young Living Premium Starter Kit has never been easier. There are so many essential oils available and it can become confusing when you are specifically trying to treat certain ailments that might be plaguing you.

To learn more about essential oils, visit our essential oil uses and benefits page with over 100 different ways you can use essential oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.