Once you’ve selected the Premium Starter Kit that’s right for you, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of the tremendous wellness, education, and member resources that are available to you as a Young Living wholesale member. If you haven’t yet decided on a starter kit, keep reading to learn more that might help you choose.

You don’t have to be an essential oil expert to start using – and loving – everything that comes in your kit. There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be overwhelming. We want to help you take the first steps in your own wellness journey or in creating your new essential oil business. We want to help you get the most out of your Young Living Premium Starter Kit – here’s how!

Tips on Using Your Essential Oil Kit:

Important tip: If you aren’t interesting in selling essential oils, but just want the great benefit of wholesale pricing, simply become a member. Once you do that, you can buy the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and have access to the same top-quality oils, blends, products, and information that distributors get. Make sure you’re enrolled in Essential Rewards to take advantage of the opportunity to get free oils just by using what you love.

Take your time getting educated on what the kit contains and the benefits of each oil. The great thing about Young Living is it’s truly an active community dedicated to a healthy, natural lifestyle with essential oils as a key ingredient. There are a lot of online groups you can join to learn more about oils and how to best use them. Check out the Young Living Essential Oils blog, or search on Facebook for different groups like Essential Ed. For an overview of each oil included in the kit, check out our Young Living Premium Starter Kit Essential Oils section.

Using Your Premium Essential Oil Kit

There’s a few things to keep in mind as you begin using the kit. It’s important to clean your diffuser properly, at least once a week. To do so, turn off and unplug the diffuser. Using the brush that came with the diffuser, apply rubbing alcohol around the device and pay special attention to the plate at the bottom of the diffuser. If you’re wondering about the “range” of your diffuser, rest assured that a diffuser running properly can reach even the far corners of your home. Although you’ll experience the most benefits in the same room as the diffuser (a range of about 15 feet), by leaving doors and walkways open, the molecules of the diffuser will reach all areas of the building in which you operate it.

If you’re like me, you will begin using the diffuser religiously and become so dependent on some of the oils that you might wonder how soon you’ll need to reorder. A few drops go a long way when you’re using pure, high quality oils like those from Young Living. If you were to use a few drops each day, you can expect bottles to last a few months. If you use 2-4 drops of an oil every day, the bottle should last about 2 months. The diffuser will last for years if properly used and cleaned, but Young Living also offers a one year warranty!

How To Use The Oils In The Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Your new diffuser is seriously awesome. Regardless of whether you got the Rainstone, Aria, Dewdrop, or Home Diffuser, you are going to love it. Each diffuser comes with its own manual, and I recommend that you read it through before using it for the first time so that you aren’t intimidated.

The manual is the perfect length to enjoy with a cup of coffee….so brew a cup and snuggle up for some informative reading.

In a nutshell, make sure you add the proper type of water (some require distilled and some require tap water) to the indicated mark, then add your oils, and turn it on! Simple, seriously.

But when you’re just starting out…it’s kind of trial and error, isn’t it? Unless you have someone who is there to help guide you.

Essential Oil Terms:

There are some terms you will hear about essential oils.

Dilute: Some oils are applied with a carrier oil (e.g. coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.). Some oils are “hot” like Thieves, Cinnamon Bark & Oregano, so you will want to take extra precautions when applying those oils topically. You may also want to dilute oils more when using them on children. Please do your own research and determine what you feel is best for your own household. (You can google “essential oil dilution chart” if you feel better taking that approach.)

Neat: When you apply an essential oil directly on the skin without dilution.

Vitality Oils: Young Living’s essential oils with a white label are all part of the “vitality” line of oils. These oils are FDA approved for internal consumption, whether in a capsule, in tea or for cooking.

Topical: This simply refers to the oil being used by application on the skin (i.e rubbing coconut oil with Panaway on your muscles after a workout).

Aromatic: You can use essential oils aromatically by removing the cap of the bottle and inhaling the smell. You can also rub a drop or two of essential oils in your hands, then cup your hands around your nose and mouth and deeply inhale the scent.

Diffuser: The diffuser is the device you use to disperse essential oils into the air.

  • What is in the premium starter kit for young living?

    • The premium starter kit from Young Living is $165 dollars and includes your membership, a diffuser, 12 of the most popular essential oils. The value of all of the products you get with the starter kit is more than $400 so the starter kit is the most cost effective way to get started with Young Living essential oils!