Table of Content

  • Overview
  • Suggestions on Essential Oils for Fertility
  • Milenrama essential oil
  • Damiana essential oil
  • Ginger essential oil
  • Fennel essential oil
  • Rose essential oil
  • Essential Oils that Favor Women
  • Essential Oils that Favor men
  • Frequently asked questions
  • How do essential oils help increase fertility?
  • How to use essential oils?
  • When to finish treatment with essential oils?


Are you trying to locate essential oils for fertility?

If so, this article is for you. We draw up a list of different products of this type in order to increase your chances of having children. Let us explain the properties, advantages and how to use each of them.

Suggestions about essential oils for fertility

Fertility problems are more common than you can imagine. Many couples try to conceive a child, but their search becomes impossible. If this is your case, through the essential oils you have the opportunity to strengthen, increase and improve the reproductive system.

Milenrama essential oil

Try milenrama essential oil when you want to increase the chance of getting pregnant. The yarrow has many properties that help regulate the reproductive system. It will help you control your menstrual cycle, reproductive organs, and hormone production.

The essential oil of yarrow works for both men and women. That is why it is important to know which of the two has an irregularity. This oil has the power to detoxify, decrease congestion in the pelvic area and reduce swelling almost instantly.

Damiana essential oil

Damiana essential oil is good in case you have problems with menstruation, as it benefits you in controlling it. It has specifications that awaken the reproductive apparatus, making it more powerful. It also regulates the glands or hormones and has an exquisite aroma that will please you.

Young Living Ginger essential oil

To achieve having a child, we also suggest the essential oil of ginger that will bring you many advantages. It contains substances that reduce swelling in the area and strengthen the reproductive system. It stimulates the endocrine system and any other problem that prevents you from conceiving.

It relieves pain, prevents inflammation and helps you have an immediate recovery. Not only does it improve the reproductive system, but it also strengthens the digestive system. It also has qualities that greatly enhance circulation, joints, joints and red blood cells.

Young Living Fennel essential oil

Fennel essential oil is one of the most suitable and suitable for controlling hormone levels. Although it serves in men and women, it is perfect more than anything for ladies. This is because it works in order to improve menstrual cycle, urinary tract and glandular production.

Young Living Rose essential oil

If there is an essential oil that gives off a rich aroma, that is rose. Select it when you’re looking for a natural product that smells delicious and helps with pregnancy problems. It is considered by experts as the best essential oil to increase these possibilities.

This essential oil of rose controls menstruation, strengthens cervical mucus, libido and the various parts related to engendering. It has specifications that favor calming and soothing the uterus. Once you perceive its aroma you will feel in a state of relaxation that is inexplicable.

Essential oils that favor women

There are also other essential oils that are advisable for women specifically. These include:

  • sandalwood
  • jasmine
  • cypress
  • lemon
  • ylang ylang
  • geranium
  • sage.

Essential oils that favor men

When the inconvenience comes from man, do not worry. There are also more essential oils that favor the reproductive system of these. The options include:

  • cedarwood
  • patchouli
  • incense
  • basil
  • linalol
  • geranium

Frequently Asked Questions

How do essential oils enhance fertility?

In many ways essential oils benefit to get pregnant. They detoxify the area, regulate menstruation, level hormone production, relax the uterus, increase libido, and improve cervical mucus. This is achieved thanks to the antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

How to use essential oils?

For immediate results you need to use the recommended essential oils correctly. You can use it as an aromatherapy in a diffuser or apply it directly with massages. Place them in the abdomen, hip and columns. Also in toilets or perfumes.

When do you finish the treatment with the essential oils?

Use the essential oils to have a child when you want or need it. However, it is important that once you achieve the goals you suspend their use for a while. These natural products are not recommended for pregnant women, we also suggest you decrease them in menstruation.

Uses and benefits of the essential oil

Essential oils have a wide range of uses. If you have chosen to shift toward natural, using essential oils is your best option. You can use them for aromatic purposes, you can use them for your skin or internally.

It’s noteworthy that, depending on the use you choose for the essential oils, you can get different benefits. If you choose to use the essential oil topically, it will benefit your body and your mind, so it can relief aches and will make you have a refreshing sleep during nights. These are just a few uses and benefits of essential oils.

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