Young Living Essential oils are created through a proprietary Seed to Seal process, ensuring the purest grade and highest quality products. As a company, they use a strict process and never waver on their extensive quality control process. We are proud of our ability to provide a full line of essential oils, essential oil blends, plant-based products, and accessories that bring the best of nature into your home.

We stand by the Young Living commitment to quality, which begins with the pillars of the production process: Sourcing, Science, and Standards. Young Living takes great care during each phase of essential oil production, to ensure any product delivered is one that you can feel good about using and providing to your family.


Young Living does not compromise on quality. They source only from trusted, Seed to Seal certified farms and partners and choose to only work with partners who will never knowingly add fillers or contaminants. Furthermore, each batch and product taken to market is exhaustively tested. If something doesn’t meet Young Living’s rigorous standards, it’s rejected.

  • Partnership principles – We choose to source conscientiously, with an intentional awareness of the communities and ecosystems from which we obtain materials. Young Living selects only like-minded suppliers who conduct business according to these guiding principles: Established Relationships, Seed to Seal Specifications, Binding Agreements, Stringent Testing, and Ongoing Audits.
  • Formulation and Production – At Young Living’s state-of-the-art facility in Utah, essential oils are created and tested using manufacturing best practices. Innovation and imagination are paramount in creating the essential oils our customers have come to love!
  • Third-Party Substantiation – Because we work so closely with our partners, trust is at the forefront of our relationship. To further safeguard our customers, we engage third-party experts to validate that our strict standards are being upheld.

Young Living, along with any partners they might collaborate with, must demonstrate that they meet the highest standards in:

  • Authentication
  • Agricultural Practices
  • Harvesting & Collection
  • Extraction & Distillation Practices
  • Testing
  • Traceability
  • Storage & Bottling


The Young Living essential oils you experience with the purchase of  a Young Living premium starter kit would not be possible without science. Young Living employs highly trained scientists along with cutting-edge methods to research and develop innovative, advanced, and authentic essential oils and blends. The cornerstones of this scientific process are industry-leading research, third-party testing, and innovative product development.

The cornerstones of this in-depth scientific process are:

  • Industry-leading research – The beginning of any essential oil is in the field, but state-of-the-art labs are where oils are refined, tested, and proven.
  • Third-party testing – Young Living works with more than a dozen of the world’s leading independent labs to test and improve products. Highly skilled scientists who specialize in advanced product testing are part of our regular process to ensure our essential oils are the highest quality and Young Living Essential oil diffusers are BPA free.
  • Innovative product development – There’s no question Young Living is the industry leader in essential oils. We got there by using cutting-edge science to innovate, while developing new testing methods to ensure product efficacy and purity.


Young Living takes seriously the commitment to do business responsibly. That stewardship extends to the communities where Young Living members live and work, the affected ecosystems, and the environment as a whole. In fact, Young Living has an entire Global Compliance Program dedicated to ensuring their oils contribute to the greater good.

Here’s a few things we believe in:

  • Top-tier standards – We place ethics and legality at the top of our list of standards. Essential oils that are more inexpensive are often adulterated or synthetic. We work only with partners who produce pure oils ethically and responsibly.
  • Global compliance program – Young Living believes so strongly in ethical and socially responsible production that they instituted a global compliance program that outlines a series of mandatory policies and guidelines.
  • Industry green leader – We are committed to sustainable business practices. Young Living is dedicated to the reforestation of harvested trees; recycling at Young Living offices; and the construction of a brand-new, LEED-certified headquarters in Lehi, Utah.

As industry leaders, Young Living was paramount in the development of the Lacey Act Compliance Program, which consists of five general steps that when followed will help ensure that our essential oil products and partners comply with all laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we do business. The 5 steps are:

  • Supplier Education
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Supplier Certification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Auditing and Monitoring

Our mission is simple: provide valuable education and resources on essential oils to every person interested in enhancing their mind, body, and spirit. We offer information on Young Living essential oils, the purest, most authentic essential oils created through an intense production process and a total commitment to quality and service. We know that every person, every family, and every lifestyle can benefit from the holistic benefits that essential oils and essential oil blends can provide. It’s an honor to be part of your family’s health and well-being, and one that we take seriously.

Young Living works with loyal and knowledgeable distributors to provide the most personal and convenient sales and service experience for valued customers. In doing so, they are able to help thousands of individuals reach their dreams of financial independence and total lifestyle design. Mi Essential Oils is here to offer support on your journey to becoming a Young Living distributor.

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