Start a Young Living Business

I always dreamed about starting my own business. I was in the drudgery of a 9 to 5 job for years, too. Now, I am living my professional dream of being a self-made entrepreneur running my own business as an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oil.

As an independent distributor for Young Living, I represent an ethical, reputable and multi-billion-dollar company. Young Living is truly the industry leader for essential oil health and wellness.

As an independent distributor and Young Living business builder, Young Living success is your success. Can I help you meet your professional dreams, too? Read on to learn how owning your own online business can bring you immense and satisfying success: both professional and personal.

Let me show you how.

Why Start A Business as a Young Living Distributor?

Working from home while making money – How sweet it is!!! Here are some other reasons to start an individual business as a Young Living distributor.

Income growth

Unlimited income potential

Experience independence

Entrepreneurial ownership

Personal growth & development

Increased productivity-

More time with family and friends

More relaxed & happy lifestyle

Make your own schedule

Save on start-up costs

Save on office & overhead expenses

Save on commuting & travel expenses

Save time commuting to/from work

Stay focused at work

Avoid distractions

Avoid office politics

Avoid stressful office environment

Avoid unnecessary office meetings

Build relationships that last a lifetime

Work from anywhere in the world

There is Money to Be Made
Making Money Selling Young Living

As I stated earlier, as an independent distributor and Young Living business builder, Young Living company’s success is your success. And successful it can be, since you will be representing a company with an almost 40% market share in the worldwide market. Your commission and bonus will be tied to the company’s total sales profits, as you advance higher into the Young Living distributor levels.

Generally, Young Living distributor salaries will range based upon your Young Living distributorship level tier.

Your Young Living commission check comes monthly. And how exciting to see that commission check grow, as you monthly grow your Young Living business.

From Star level to Royal Crown Diamond level, your salary will see growth as you dedicate your time, energy, and passion in growing your YL business. So how much income is being realized. See below from the YL 2017 Income Disclosure.

Distributor $312
Star $906
Senior Star $2,819
Executive $6,028
Silver $25,059
Gold $67,995
Platinum $166,468
Diamond $424,178
Crown Diamond $773,724
Royal Crown Diamond $1,734,606

How to Sell Young Living Online

Young Living’s market presence and reputation as the EO industry leader makes the credibility of your business so easy. Can it get easier than that? Yes, it can, because you can sell Young Living essential oils and products online through your distributorship.

Using social media, Facebook, and other web presence you can help others who are interested in signing up as either a buyer or distributor on your team. And I will always be here as your team leader to guide you in any way that I can.

Ways to Assure Success in Your New YL Business

Be the Solution to a Problem

One of the greatest success philosophies is to find a need in the market and then to fill it. In much the same way, a Young Living distributorship gives you the opportunity to meet the health and wellness needs of many persons that may not understand the benefits of essential oils. Listen to the needs of your customer and seek to provide them a solution.

Know Your Product Well

You can be trained on essential oils and “what to say” to sell a product. However, one of the greatest sale closers is when a customer trusts you and believes in what you are selling. So, use the essential oils, know their benefits. In this way, your presentation is confident and fluid.

Make Goals to Share Your Product Daily

Your income will ultimately come from the sales of Young Living products – either your sales or downline distributor sales. Customers who are loyal to the YL products will also be passionate about sponsoring new business builders, as well. So, even though recruitment is important down the road, selling product is. . . well, essential (pun intended!).

Make Your Goal to be the Best

What better business and personal goal can there be than to be the best! The best distributor is part of that. What’s it going to take? Be devoted to the Young Living product. Polish your image. Put everything into this commitment: mind, soul, body . . . and time! The more time daily you’re putting in commitment to build the product brand, your business image, and team enthusiasm, the more you will realize in success!

Schedule Essential Oil Parties & Presentations

Young Living’s MLM marketing philosophy anticipates and requires a face-to-face sales force. It is the personal contact that makes MLM marketing so successful at all levels: company, distributor and customer, alike. And assures profits, income and benefits; especially retaining the loyalty for repeat sales.

So, to that end, dedicate your schedule to promoting parties and presentations, on both small scale and large-scale venues. Staying committed to getting your product out there will ensure your business grows, rather than just existing.

Prepare to Go Beyond Friends & Families

Don’t look at everyone as a target. As in most business, greater success happens when you focus your marketing on an identified target market.

Of course, you should draw on family and friends. However, don’t hound family and friends incessantly as your only target market. Let them know your business. Share your passion and products with them. And be prepared to move your target market beyond your personal sphere of family and friends to greater business opportunities.

Be a Leader

MLM strategy has a huge benefit in allowing the Young Living distributor to add new business builders through “downline level distributors”. This has a many-fold function: greater profit/income; team building; and helping other achieve success. The reality of this business structure is that you are rewarded for making both Young Living successful and helping others succeed.

So, see yourself and your role as a team leader and a health and wellness trainer. Thereby, your focus becomes a strategy for success to those you will help to become successful. Invest time and energy into your downline team! Schedule team trainings (public speaking, product highlights, social media content creation, events, etc.) and see the results become a domino effect of success.

Remain Active in Social Visibility

All forms of social media will impact your market success. Blog, website, emails, phone calls. Whatever form you prefer, get your face and voice out there promoting the Young Living essential oils. Draw customers and visitors to you, by active content and visible presence. Get the word out about your business and YL product, which is the key to generate new customers and passionate recruits.

Develop a Tickler System to Follow-up with Business Contacts

Of course, you don’t want to pester people. But in direct sales, follow-up contact is usually essential to loyalty or to make the sale. Sometimes, timing is everything. Remember that you should be an active listener. Listen for some indication that a “no” today, means the prospect of a “yes” in the future.

Stand Out as a Superstar

There are a lot of individuals vying for your business, even in essential oils. One of the challenges to multi-level marketing is convince others to buy from you or to join your distributorship downlines. So, make yourself unique to others. Firstly, give a client the reason to join with you; and secondly, a reason to stay loyal. These can be offering incentives, free training, or personal one-on-one service.

Treat Your Business Like a Business

Your MLM Young Living distributorship IS a business. Treat it as a business. You don’t need a four-walled building to define you as an entrepreneur. Whether you are making client-care calls while wearing cheap fuzzy slippers or Harry Winston ruby slippers, your efforts are going to achieve the most success when you see your YL distributorship as the legitimate and awesome business venture that it is!

Understand MLMs & How Success is Achieved

Knowledge is everything in success. So, learn about MLMs and the direct sales industry. Understand the commitment and expectations to make your Young Living business a success.

MLM sales requires marketing strategies like any other business. It will be successful when diverse marketing strategies are considered. Consider your target market, what the market needs, and how you can help. Always use a variety of tools to market: social media; blogs; website; etc., to promote interest and passion in others.

How About Some Business Strategies?

You may wonder how to sell Young Living essential oils. Well, selling Young Living essential oils doesn’t have to be alone. When you sign up with Mi Essential Oils, I will mentor you, guide you, and support you every step of your way building your business, while at the same time, building a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Here are just some strategies I am prepared to help you uncover in your business:

Host Young Living Events

Share product samples

Start a Mailing or E-mailing list or Telephone list

Start a Business Website

Social Media

Schedule Events

Start a Tickler System

Don’t close without asking for permission to follow-up

Encourage evaluations and reviews

Draw on the experience of others

And whatever you do, HAVE FUN! And have Young Living business success!

Become A Young Living Distributor!

Our mission at Mi Essential Oils is a simple one: to provide valuable education and resources on essential oils to every person interested in enhancing their mind, body, and spirit. We offer information on Young Living therapeutic essential oils, the purest and most authentic essential oils created through an intense research and production process. Young Living has created a product through a total commitment to quality and service. We know that every person, every family, and every lifestyle will benefit from the holistic benefits that therapeutic pure essential oils and essential oil blends can provide. It’s an honor to be part of your family’s health and well-being, and one that we take seriously.

Young Living works with loyal and knowledgeable distributors to provide the most personal and convenient sales and service experience for valued customers. In doing so, Young Living can help thousands of individuals reach their dreams of financial independence and total lifestyle design. Mi Essential Oils is here to offer support on your journey to becoming a Young Living distributor.

To learn more about becoming a distributor for Young Living and reaching your own personal goals for financial freedom and total health and wellness,

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