Table of Content

  • Overview
  • The best essential oils for ear pain
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Licorice essential oil
  • Oregano essential oil
  • Gordolobo essential oil
  • Niauli essential oil
  • Frequently asked questions
  • How to use essential oils for ear pain?
  • How do you take away the pain of the ears in children?
  • What can I do if my ear hurts?


Pain in the ears occurs from a variety of causes and generates different types of symptoms. However, having good essential oils for ear pain is phenomenal. And now we will talk about how to resolve this terrible malaise that can spread to more sensitive areas.

The best essential oils for ear pain

You can find many recipes and remedies to relieve such terrible pain. However, with our list of the 5 best essential oils for ear pain you can have a satisfactory cure, lasting and without sequelae.

Young Living Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus is a natural plant with infinite healing properties. It is a remedy that fights ear infections by relieving the pain that occurs. In this case its application should not be direct to the auditory cavity, it could generate irritation side effects.

The best way is to apply two drops of oil to the ear and make a cleansing effect on the affected area. Without exerting pressure you can relieve the pain immediately. The oil vapours will be activated by killing off the bacteria that cause the discomfort.

Liquorice essential oil

Liquorice essential oil is a natural product that relieves ear pain dramatically. A 2017 study revealed, through checks that this essential is ideal for removing excess cerumen accumulated.

Also, it helps to combat the proliferation of bacteria that develop within the cavity. To apply it we must dilute it with a little refined butter, heat it on low heat and the paste spreads over the ear. It’s done twice a day for 15 minutes.

Young Living Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano is part of the group of plants that are labiate that are very useful for ear infections. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antiseptic properties. It is used as an infusion for compresses that are placed on the ear.

Gordolobo essential oil

Is an expectorant with antiseptic properties that relieves ear pain. It also works as an analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

It is perfect to prevent the growth of bacteria and eliminate them from the root. It can be spread mixed with a diluent, because the product is very concentrated, or as infusions.

Niauli essential oil

Is an oil with antiviral and antibacterial properties. It prevents the proliferation of evil by eliminating the main cause of pain. It fights ear infections by relieving general discomfort.

Among its other properties stands out its expectorant power that helps remove all the mucosa that clogs the ear. It is one of the most tolerable oils for humans, allowing it to be applied directly to the affected area.


Frequently asked questions

How to use essential oils for ear pain?

The use of essential oils for ear pain cannot be applied directly into the cavity, unless the manufacturer indicates it. Otherwise the usual method is to moisten a small cotton ball with the product.

How do you remove the ear pain in children?

First, place two drops of the essential oil of eucalyptus, mint, lavender or geranium on a cotton ball. When placed in the ear the infant will feel a chill from the vapors that are deflating the inside of the cavity.

At the same time, the bacteria causing the pain will be eliminated. In case of severe or severe pain, take some water with drops of lavender, lemon and mint. This will fight the infection from your body. Take three times a day to speed up the healing process.

What can I do if my ear hurts?

If the pain is constant and very strong you should go to a specialist who will tell you what to do. On the other hand, there are effective home remedies you can resort to. Such is the case of essential oils.

Uses and benefits of the essential oil

Essential oils have a wide range of uses. If you have chosen to shift toward natural, using essential oils is your best option. You can use them for aromatic purposes, you can use them for your skin or internally.

It’s noteworthy that, depending on the use you choose for the essential oils, you can get different benefits. If you choose to use the essential oil topically, it will benefit your body and your mind, so it can relief aches and will make you have a refreshing sleep during nights. These are just a few uses and benefits of essential oils.

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