Table of Content

  • Overview
  • the best essential oils for the flu
  • Tea tree essential oil
  • Oregano essential oil
  • Mint essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Clove essential oil
  • incense essential oil
  • Frequently asked questions
  • How can we use essential oils to improve flu symptoms?
  • How to dilute essential oils?
  • How to prevent and remove the cold with essential oils?


Essential oils for the flu are very useful because they help to combat the symptoms of this annoying disease. They are characterized by rooting out problems, preventing them from repeating and strengthening the body in general.

Its active ingredients act to strengthen different parts of the body that can be affected by severe congestion. Essential oils for the flu allow you to improve lost sleep, disinfect, and make sure that the discomfort is not spread or complicated.

Young Living Tea tree essential oil

Antiseptic and antiviral properties are its most powerful strengths when it comes to fighting the flu. It is characterized by being a natural remedy, which fights infections, viruses and bacteria that can cause this health problem.

It fights colds, flu, general malaise, nasal congestion and other ills associated with this disease. It also relieves the cough, cleanses your system of allergic particles and leaves no living sequelae that make you relapse into discomfort.

Young Living Oregano essential oil

An excellent relief to relieve breathing problems and sore throat. If it’s a virus or a bacterium, kill them immediately, leaving no traces or the chance to reproduce. It has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral ingredients. With thymol and carvacrol, it allows to clear airways that are blocked by the mucosa. It is perfect to fight bronchitis, asthma and flu. It also has anesthetic properties to give you a deep sleep while going through this discomfort.

Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil

Is an analgesic that strongly relieves respiratory problems, nasal congestion and the annoying flu. In addition, it has analgesic properties that calm and soothe you to sleep at night. It has immediate effects, its aroma brings tranquility and a lot of calm before the cold.

Menthol is its main ingredient that has been a millennial remedy that fights fatigue and general discomfort. You can combine it with eucalyptus or rosemary essential oil to enhance its formula.

Young Living Lemon Essential Oil

This oil comes from lemon peel extract. It relieves the cough, nasal congestion, cold and discomfort caused by the flu. It has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps strengthen the immune system, slows down the reproduction of bacteria or viruses, and minimizes the effects of fever and cold.

Young Living Clove Essential Oil

Stimulates the immune system, relieves sore throats and is an excellent stimulant. Its properties are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial. It can fight infections and bacteria that intensify the flu and do not let it relieve.

You can inhale your vapours leaving a few drops in hot water. Being a very strong product, it is recommended to dilute it with base oils. This minimizes irritations on sensitive skin. Also, you can resort to a diffuser by spreading its healing properties throughout the house. You can access its scent at any time.

Incense essential oil

Has anti-inflammatory properties that clean nasal passages, lungs and the entire congested system. Its main, active agent is expectorant, which decongests accumulated mucus. It can be applied with a diffuser or directly to the chest with a relaxing massage.

In both cases it is better to dilute with base oils so that their powerful reaction does not affect the skin. On the other hand, it has the power to fight bronchitis and asthma.

Frequently asked questions

How can we use essential oils to improve flu symptoms?

The most common is to use a diffuser which spreads the oil, previously diluted with a more fluid product, throughout the room. It is inhaled before sleep, during sleep, and upon awakening. It can also be ingested in drinks such as water or tea, used while showering or as a dishwasher or floor cleaner.

How to dilute essential oils?

Carrier or base oils may be used, especially if you are going to apply the product directly to the skin. The goal is to dilute its powerful ingredient to avoid damage to sensitive skin. This is done by mixing drops of essential oil with the softest.

How to prevent the flu with essential oils?

To prevent the flu it is important to use the essential oils before you have the discomfort. That is, a continuous use of oils, either by taking them, applying them to the body or in the environment. Don’t let him show up to fight it, do it first.

Uses and benefits of the essential oil

Essential oils have a wide range of uses. If you have chosen to shift toward natural, using essential oils is your best option. You can use them for aromatic purposes, you can use them for your skin or internally.

It’s noteworthy that, depending on the use you choose for the essential oils, you can get different benefits. If you choose to use the essential oil topically, it will benefit your body and your mind, so it can relief aches and will make you have a refreshing sleep during nights. These are just a few uses and benefits of essential oils.

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