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Table of Content

  • The best essential oils for lose weight?
  • Grapefruitessential oil
  • Fennelessential oil
  • Juniper berriesessential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Gingeressential oil
  • Frequently asked questions
  • What essential oils are good for slimming?
  • How to lose weight and fight cellulite with essential oils?
  • How to use essential oils to lose weight?
  • Are essential oils safe to lose weight?


Losing weight is a struggle that men and women have every year of their lives. Maintaining a healthy, slender figure can be difficult if you don’t have a good metabolism or have the help of essential oils to lose weight. They are 100% natural and here we will show you their properties and benefits of use.

The best essential oils to lose weight

If you want to lose those kilos more naturally, we present you the 5 best essential oils to lose weight. This is a natural product that will help your figure look defined and very healthy. For this you should consider using the following products.

Young Living Grapefruit essential oil

Metabolism is perhaps the key to weight loss. Essential grapefruit oil helps you lose extra kilo that doesn’t make you look or feel good. It is a citrus product with bittersweet, a bright aroma and vitalizing energy. Thanks to this oil you can accelerate the metabolism of your body which generates a faster process to melt fat. No matter the goal, whether it’s losing weight or toning, grapefruit essential oils are your first choice.

Young Living Fennel essential oil

This oil plays the role of diuretic which increases urination in your body. The result is a detoxified body, which prevents fluid retention, heavy legs, cellulite, flatulence and constipation.

Drastically improves the digestive system. In addition, it has a rich aroma very light and soft licorice. If you don’t like this smell use it with regulated dosages. You can also mix it with other oils to soften its aroma.

Young Living Juniper Berries essential oil

It is a purifying essential oil 100% natural and with incredible results if you make an aromatherapy with juniper berries. It has cleansing effects, that is, it purifies and detoxifies the body. This process combats fluid retention, abdominal distention and fights cellulite.

It also has nerve that attacks nerves and anxiety, preventing you from overeating. It provides relief from mental stress, stress and wrong behaviors. It has a sweet herb aroma that blends with grapefruit, if you are looking for greater intensity.

Young Living Lemon essential oil

Lemon in essential oil is perfect for weight loss. You can use it abundantly thanks to its huge positive effects that help eliminate extra fat. It is one of the high-grade citrus fruits which minimizes their evaporation time.

When applying it, try not to leave the bottle open too long, this weakens its properties causing them to be altered. Among its advantages, it stimulates weight loss naturally, improves emotions, makes you more active and avoids harmful cravings to your health.

Young Living Ginger essential oil

Ginger is a widely used tuber in the kitchen. As essential oil it helps suppress appetite naturally. This is perfect if you have cravings for sugar or junk food. Its power to curb excess food causes you to lose weight naturally. Within its properties, the essential oil of ginger strengthens and improves the digestive process. It helps to better absorb nutrients from the foods you eat.


Frequently asked questions

What essential oils are good for slimming?

Depending on your physical condition there are essential oils that are better than others. Some help you lose your appetite and eat only what is necessary. Others allow you to detoxify your body or increase urination in the body.

The best are those that activate its properties to make you more active and, combine a loss of appetite with physical stimulation and vitalizing energy.

How to lose weight and combat cellulite with essential oils?

Some essential oils have properties that fight cellulite. The most recommended are citrus fruits because of their concentrated natural composition that attacks these skin problems. The ideal mode of use is with a gentle massage over the affected area. The process is circular movements, using the fingertips and you must clean your hands before applying it. However, oils are not miraculous, you should have a balanced diet, exercise and leave sedentary.

How to use essential oils to lose weight?

Proper use is a reducer massage with these oils. The one of your preference, previously diluted, should be gently smeared on the most congested areas. Smooth in shape, circular and pressing.

Uses and benefits of the essential oil

Essential oils have a wide range of uses. If you have chosen to shift toward natural, using essential oils is your best option. You can use them for aromatic purposes, you can use them for your skin or internally.

It’s noteworthy that, depending on the use you choose for the essential oils, you can get different benefits. If you choose to use the essential oil topically, it will benefit your body and your mind, so it can relief aches and will make you have a refreshing sleep during nights. These are just a few uses and benefits of essential oils.

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