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Table of Content

  • Overview
  • Best Essential Oils for Painful Sores
  • Oregano Essential Oil
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Mint Essential Oil
  • Melrose Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How To Cure Painful Sores?
  • Why Do Sore Sores Appear?
  • How Do You Use Essential Oils for Sore Sores?


Essential oils for painful canker sores are very effective because they fight the root of the problem. They relieve not only the infection but also the area where these sores appear. This time we will talk about their benefits, how they work and how they can help you.

The best essential oils for sore sores

Young Living Oregano essential oil

Oregano in essential oil has very powerful properties that end completely with painful sores. It is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal with the ability to remove alphas from the mouth easily.

Although the heat generated by this oil, once applied in the affected area, is intense, what it does is to eliminate the infection by ensuring that it does not return. The effect is of two minutes disappearing both the pain and the burning. For this, you can apply it directly to the wound, with a simple drop of oregano essential oil for about 10 minutes. The process must be done two or three consecutive days

Young Living Clove essential oil

Canker sores are a painful infection that usually lodges in the mouth. The essential oil of cloves has very natural effects that end with this discomfort from the root. It can numb the dental area, oral, gums and lips, which makes it easier to support the pain and burning that occurs.

However, when you apply it, at first a tenable ardor appears, which disappears in a few minutes. If you apply the treatment properly you will see relief in about two to three days.

Young Living Peppermint essential oil

The essential oil of mint relieves many congestions and discomforts in the body. But against painful canker sores is very special because it fights them and relieves them quickly. It has active ingredients with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powers.

Mouth ulcers are unpleasant, but essential peppermint oil quickly removes them. It also works as an astringent that favors the tissues around the wound. This, not counting the action of numbing the battered area while mitigating the existing pain.

Young Living Melrose essential oil

Inside the melrose oil are active 4 ingredients that are rosemary, niaouli, tea tree and cloves. These, combine powerfully to end the painful canker sores that appear in the mouth.

It is widely used in skin infections, improve oral hygiene and end painful canker sores. For effective use, you must mix this oil with base oil like coconut. The result can be used as mouthwash or to gargle.

Young Living Eucalyptus essential oil

The medicinal benefits of eucalyptus are characterized by its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These are indicated to improve oral health. In addition, it is a natural analgesic widely used in the world.

It helps reduce pain and eliminate all types of infections that occur. In addition, eucalyptus contains cineol, a natural remedy that relieves all types of infections, not only painful alphas, but also wounds, burns and scratches.

Frequently asked questions

How to cure sore sores?

Painful canker sores are diseases that occur on the skin, specifically near the mouth. To root them out, you must use essential oils for sore sores. Its power and properties allow to reduce the infection, not to leave stains and prevent them from coming out again.

Why do painful canker sores appear?

Painful canker sores appear from many factors. One of them is that they are hereditary, due to problems with the immune system, a poor diet (lack of iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid).

They are also attributed to emotional problems, hormonal imbalances, among others. It is also said that these sores appear because they do not tolerate certain foods. Others explain that this is a malpractice in a dental treatment that caused injuries due to severe oral abuse.

How to use essential oils for sore sores?

The essential oil for sore sores is used topically. That is, directly on the skin and affected area. This without having to dilute it considering that you will feel, in the first instance, a strong ardor, which will happen after a few minutes.

Also, you can dilute it with water and gargle or rinse your mouth with the solution. The result is deep cleansing, minimizing the risk of the sores reappearing.

Uses and benefits of the essential oil

Essential oils have a wide range of uses. If you have chosen to shift toward natural, using essential oils is your best option. You can use them for aromatic purposes, you can use them for your skin or internally.

It’s noteworthy that, depending on the use you choose for the essential oils, you can get different benefits. If you choose to use the essential oil topically, it will benefit your body and your mind, so it can relief aches and will make you have a refreshing sleep during nights. These are just a few uses and benefits of essential oils.

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