The use of essential oils for headaches and migraines has been repeatedly proven to be very effective. These products made from plants, tree bark can significantly alleviate this and other ailments.

There are many essential oils that are good for migraines and headaches, and their benefits are remarkable and help to improve symptoms related to these ailments, such as decreasing stress, reducing tension, anxiety or insomnia.

This information will help you to know which essential oil is good for headaches and how to use them properly to achieve the expected results.

Headache Essential Oils

Incredible as it may seem, an essential oil can have many benefits and bring well-being to both physical and emotional health. The oils we present below work on countless occasions, so it is important that they are not missing from your collection:


One of the most recognized at Young Living is lavender essential oil. This product contributes to the reduction of anxiety and stress. It also helps with sleep and headache and migraine control.


One of the most traditionally used natural treatments to reduce headaches and migraines is rosemary. This essential oil also helps to improve circulation. It works as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. This combination promotes the disappearance of headaches.


Thanks to its high content of menthol, peppermint essential oil is on the list of the most recommended oils for the relief of headache and migraine. At the same time, it works as a proper relaxant, helping the body to stay in a calm state without pressure.


Camomile essential oil promotes the reduction of stress and acts directly on the central nervous system, contributing to the relaxation of the muscles. Thus helping to decrease the pressure on the head that can cause deep pain.


If it is a headache caused by nasal problems, such as sinusitis, using eucalyptus essential oil may represent the solution to improve significantly. This product works on the deflation of the nasal passages, while cleaning them by facilitating the release of the accumulated mucous.

Combined with the oil of mint, the eucalyptus can generate an effect of greater relaxation and release the accumulated tension in the head, which helps to reduce the pain almost immediately.


Frankincense essential oil is also frequently recommended to relieve headache and migraine, this due to its anti-inflammatory properties. On the other hand, its tranquilizing and analgesic properties, decrease the stress levels that can be the main cause of headache.

How to use essential oils for headaches

Used properly, essential oils provide the body with countless benefits. Whether it is for headache, reducing stress, anxiety, or any other condition we recommend at all times to find out how to try essential oils.

This with the purpose that you can take advantage of each property in them, and find a way to transform the life and your family, with completely healthy products, free of toxics. In the specific case of headache essential oils can be used as follows:


Aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways to use essential oils for headaches. Breathing the aroma of any of the oils mentioned above while it is diffusing in the room will be very appropriate for decreasing the pain.

Apply to the skin

Topical use of essential oils can be highly recommended at times. It is necessary in some cases, to dilute with a carrier oil, to diminish its concentration and aroma because it can be very strong.

For example, mint oil can be diluted with chorus (carrier) oil and then applied directly to the temple, while you relax and rest. This will help reduce headaches in a few moments.

In the shower

Another way to use essential oils for headaches is by mixing a couple of drops in the warm shower tub. The steam will concentrate the aroma and provide a noticeable beneficial rest that will lessen the discomfort.

It is always advisable to take the shower before sleeping, or spread it in the room at night, this will also help to fall asleep much more quickly and pleasantly.

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