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Essential oils are healthy; they have been proven to be useful for thousands of years. Care should be taken when exposing babies to aromatherapy or essential oil therapy. There are many benefits, but not all oils are safe for a baby.

In today’s post we will see what essential oils you can safely diffuse around a baby. The aromas of the essential oil, although natural, are very concentrated, that is to say very strong for a child at an early age. Proper use is recommended for babies over 3 months old.

Essential oils can help to achieve sleep stimulation, calm their anxiety or relieve colic symptoms. However, it is advisable that you know the proper dilution and oils that are healthy for them. The use of high-purity oils is vital, so check the label carefully or use well-known brands like Young Living.

Essential oils that are safe and beneficial for your baby are chamomile, distilled lemon, dill, eucalyptus, lavender, tangerine, and tea tree. These essential oils are safe for babies. You just have to take care of the amount you are going to dilute and avoid exposing it to the diffuser for too long, about 10 minutes will be enough.

Is oil diffuser safe for babies?

Yes, the diffuser is safe for babies as long as you use the essential oils mentioned above. In addition, you should use them for the recommended time between 10 and 15 minutes, knowing that inhaling oils is safer than applying them to the skin.

In confined spaces it is best not to use the essential oils on babies. It is important to remember that their nostrils are sensitive and concentrating a strong aroma around them can cause irritation. That’s why we’re going to leave you with some safe dilution recommendations to spread with babies.

Essential oil dilution recommendations

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural plant essences. That is why it is recommended to use or diffuse them by mixing them with a carrier oil. In the case of babies and small children NAHA recommends a dilution of 0.5 or 1% of dilution.

This is much less than the portion that is usually diluted for an adult, which is 10% dilution. With that in mind, you can make safe dilutions to bring the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to your baby.

If your child is less than 3 months old, you should not use essential oils on them under any circumstances. By that we mean either diffusing oils or applying them to their skin, neither practice is acceptable. This is according to the recommendations of the American Association of Neuropathic Physicians.

These are the dilution guidelines that make breathing essential oil safe for babies. Additionally, try to place the diffuser in a place where it makes a balanced diffusion of the microparticles.

Can I diffuse peppermint oil around my baby?

Peppermint oil offers you many health benefits. However, it is not recommended that you expose babies to this essential oil. If you expose them to this oil they may suffer some damage to their health.

Instead, use recommended oils, such as lavender or eucalyptus, as well as lemon or incense. These are safe fragrances as mentioned above.

In conclusion, spreading peppermint oil around your baby is not safe, so don’t do it. As long as you are with your baby do not use this oil, and there is no problem with that because there is a great variety on the market.

Is breathe essential oil safe for babies?

In the dilutions that we have recommended here, it is very safe to use essential oils. Your baby can breathe in an oil diffusion that contains between 0.5 and 1% of concentration and is a recommended aroma like chamomile or tea tree.

Also remember that no exposure to an essential oil is recommended for children under 3 months. This is very important, if your child is in the first months of birth, you must keep him/her away from essential oils.

The proper use of essential oils gives you great therapeutic benefits. Those same benefits can be enjoyed by your baby, as long as you follow the recommendations we have given you in this article. For added safety, you can consult a specialist and don’t forget to read the oil labels. Take care of your baby and keep him/her healthy and safe by exposing him/her to aromatherapy correctly.

A Young Living Essential Oil diffuser is a device that allows you to combine water with a minimal amount of  YL essential oils, for the purpose of dispersing a mist into the air, offering many aromatherapy benefits.

To learn more about essential oils, visit our essential oil uses and benefits page with over 100 different ways you can use essential oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.