If you are just starting to use essential oils, you will surely want to know about all their uses. Although you have already tried aromatherapy, what is the most common method of using essential oils is not the only one, and the topical use of these products is also highly recommended. This is as long as the appropriate indications are taken.

Once you start using essential oils, you will want to discover all the possible ways to take advantage of their benefits and properties, especially if you can apply them directly to your skin, and using the essential oil roller bottles will greatly facilitate this work.

Using the roll-on bottle for essential oils, not only means greater convenience, but also savings on the product that is not wasted because it is applied to the skin in a simpler way. This, ensuring that the essential oil is diluted in a carrier oil or is suitable for direct topical application.

But where do you apply the essential oil from a rolling bottle? In this information we will share some of the most suitable places to use roller bottles.

Places to roll in essential oil bottles

Beyond being the only places where it can be applied, these areas that we will detail below, mean greater benefits and use of the product being used.

Sole of the foot

A larger number of open pores are concentrated on the inside of the foot, so the absorption of essential oils in this area will be much faster. Passing the roll-up bottle for essential oils through the sole of the foot will make it easier for the liquid to reach the bloodstream and begin to release its benefits.

Behind the Ears

A highly recommended place to apply essential oil in a rolling bottle is the back of the ears. This is because the dermis layer is much thinner in this area, which will make the absorption process easier.

The oil will filter faster through the skin and begin its journey through the blood to let flow all the benefits and properties for the welfare and improvement of those who use it.

In the temples

Essential oil roller bottles can be an excellent ally to relieve headache when applied to the temples. However, it is not the only thing they can help with. In this area of our body there are blood vessels, that is, pulse points. This favors the possibility of diminishing pain in any part of the body by rolling a bottle of essential oil in this area.

In the wrists

Like the temple, another pulse point can easily be located on the wrists. In other words, applying essential oil rollers to this area represents a remarkably favourable aspect for achieving greater well-being. The absorption and flow of the product through the bloodstream is much easier.

Other places

Although the four mentioned represent the best options for applying the essential oil rollers in a general way. In specific areas their use may also be favourable.

For example, if there is chest congestion and difficulty breathing, rolling the bottle of essential oil across the chest may be very favourable. In case of stomach discomfort, gas or abdominal inflammation, it can be used directly in this area.

There are the so-called problem points and are those areas where insect bites that cause allergies are frequent, to avoid these scenarios can be used the rollable bottles of essential oils and have greater effectiveness.

Likewise, in the back of the knee it is also common to use them. In this area there is another pulse point, that is, the absorption of essential oils is much more fluid and their effects are reached more quickly.

The same happens in other areas of the body, such as the contour of the ankles, the side of the neck where the carotid artery is located and the inner elbow where the brachial artery is located, these three, considered pulse points.

Each of these places has levels of effectiveness according to the need you have. Applying to the four main areas only guarantees greater generality in the effects of the essential oils. However, the point areas contribute to specific conditions.

Read the instructions on the essential oil label and prepare your roll-on bottle diluted in carrier oil to take advantage of all the benefits the product offers you with this form of use.

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