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If you are pregnant or have just had a baby, you will want to maintain a clean, healthy, and peaceful environment for it, and essential oils can help you do that. It is normal to wonder if essential oils are safe for babies and the answer is yes.

There are many essential oils that you can use to improve your baby’s health and well-being. Improving sleep, creating a pleasant and relaxing environment, or eliminating colic is most effective when essential oils are used. They are also naturally made and do not contain chemicals or toxins that can affect your baby.

But which essential oil for baby can I use? This question is frequent and we want to help you dispel it quickly. Read on and you will find a list of the main essential oils you can use on your baby and also how to use them to take advantage of their benefits.

Essential oils for babies

From 3 months onwards, you can start using essential oils on your baby. It is important before that that you read about how to use essential oils and know which ones are suitable for improving the wellbeing of your little one.


Chamomile is highly recommended as an essential oil for baby. Its use promotes peace of mind and helps him to sleep more quickly and comfortably. Disseminating chamomile essential oil in the bedroom will help in case baby has frequent insomnia problems.

If mixed with lavender essential oil, chamomile can help reduce gas colic that commonly affects babies.


Sunflower oil can work excellently as a carrier. In this case, its properties help to keep the skin clean and soft. For babies with sensitive skin, it is ideal, as it provides moisture to babies’ skin.


Dill essential oil has antispasmodic properties. This means that it can help calm poor digestion in babies. It is important to use a single drop and dilute with a carrier oil before applying.


Improving restlessness and insomnia in babies is one of the most outstanding features of using lavender essential oil in babies. Besides working as an excellent natural medicine to eliminate colic.


Mandarin essential oil also contains soothing properties that help promote sleep. But on top of that, it helps to provide a warmer environment, its smell is sweeter and softer than that of lavender.


Lemongrass essential oil is excellent for eliminating household insects that can make it difficult for your baby to sleep and rest. Be sure to diffuse it with a carrier oil so that it does not take on such a strong smell.

Tea tree

If you have a baby with a few months of birth you will surely love having this essential oil in your collection. Tea tree oil helps treat allergies and skin infections caused by the diaper, for example.

It is recommended in some cases to use in children older than 6 months, as it can have a reaction to skin sensitivity.

How to use essential oil on your baby

It is important to remember that essential oils are 100% concentrated natural products, for this reason, making sure to dilute them before applying or diffusing them to benefit the baby is indispensable.

In addition, it is necessary to know about which are indicated for use in babies and what you need according to what you want. Check that the essential oil you want to use for your baby is among those mentioned.

Since these are highly concentrated products, it is not recommended to apply essential oils to babies under 3 months old. There are also essential oils for babies older than 6 months and others that can be applied from one year on.

It is recommended that the use of essential oils in babies is through aromatherapy, although in some cases they can be applied to the skin by diluting with a carrier oil. If spread out, it can have a greater effect on the baby’s well-being.

Allergy test

Before using any baby essential oil, it is advisable to perform an allergy test, also known as a patch test, to help reduce the risk of allergy.

In this case, just apply a small amount, less than a drop of essential oil to the baby’s arm or leg and wait 24 hours. This will help to know if there is any risk of allergy or reaction. Or if you can use the essential oil freely.

To learn more about essential oils, visit our essential oil uses and benefits page with over 100 different ways you can use essential oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.