Young Living Essential Rewards

Free Essential Oils? Yes, Please!

Everyone loves free stuff! As a Young Living essential oils product user, you are no exception. So, you might be asking yourself, in addition to experiencing amazing benefits from the best essential oils, how do you get the added benefit of free stuff? Through the Young Living Essential Rewards program.

Essential Rewards is the generous and special loyalty program offered exclusively to Young Living Essential Rewards members. The program offers free products and other wonderful benefits when you purchase your favorite products monthly. Ultimately, Essential Rewards is Young Living’s way of offering extra rewards and benefits to loyal members like you.

Why Join Young Livings Essential Rewards?

There are more than a few reasons to join Young Living’s Essential Rewards program. Here’s just a few great advantages of this one-of-a-kind program. First, we’ll list them and then we’ll take a closer look at each benefit:

  • Essential Rewards members earn points toward free gifts and product.

  • Essential Rewards members receive additional loyalty gifts for monthly consecutive orders at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and beyond.

  • Essential Rewards members receive the special gift of an exclusive essential oil, which has been specially formulated by Young Living’s founder, D. Gary Young, Young. This exclusive essential oil is only available by Essential Reward members after their membership orders reach 12 consecutive months.

  • Essential Rewards members can purchase exclusive discounted essential rewards kits.

  • Essential Rewards offers a PV automatic shipping program to ensure occasional back orders don’t affect your Essential Rewards minimum purchase requirement.

  • Essential Rewards orders qualify for discounted shipping.

Earn Points Toward Free Gifts & Product

As a loyal Essential Rewards member, you earn points each time you place your monthly Essential Rewards order. As you earn points you can apply them toward free Young Living product! Young Living refers to this as loyalty gifts.

Points add up quickly with this program! Here’s why. Every month you’re with Essential Rewards you earn a percentage of your total monthly purchase back in points. Each Essential Rewards order is eligible to earn points, and the percentage earned continues to increase throughout your first year of membership. Those percentages look like this:

For Months 1 – 3 of membership

you’ll receive 10% back in loyalty points on the qualifying monthly product total in your Essential Rewards shipment.

For Months 4 – 24 of membership

you’ll receive 20% back in loyalty points on the qualifying monthly product total in your Essential Rewards shipment.

Months 25 and beyond

you’ll receive 25% back in loyalty points on the qualifying monthly product total in your Essential Rewards shipment

You can also take advantage of monthly promotional offers that will help the points add up faster.

Anytime that you earn Essential Rewards loyalty points, you can apply them toward free product with a Quick Order. Cash them in for free product right away or save them up to apply toward more expensive essential oils and other great Young Living products. What’s important is that you can spend your Essential Rewards loyalty points on free products anytime you choose.

It’s totally up to you how you spend your points, as the loyalty points are banked for up to a year or more. You can check your balance any time you log in to your virtual office. Young Living member services is fantastic about keeping you up to date on your points balance and will provide timely notice if your Essential Rewards loyalty points are going to expire.

And remember that Essential Rewards benefits those who have a wholesale account. You don’t need to distribute or sell Young Living products to become a member. You can sign up here.

Receive Additional Loyalty Gifts for Ordering

Don’t forget that you get free gifts every three months with the Essential Rewards membership program!In addition to receiving Essential Rewards points that you can spend on free products, Essential Rewards members receive additional loyalty gifts for ordering consecutively at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, and beyond. Just place those orders for at least 50 PV, and you’ll be rewarded with free essential oils.

You’re going to love this program because Young Living is so generous. Especially if you’ll be ordering anyway, it’s really a no-brainer to join the program.

Receive a Special Gift of Exclusive
Essential Oil

Just to add even more fun to your membership, after one year you’ll receive another gift. Essential Rewards members will receive a special gift of an exclusive essential oil, which has been specially formulated by Young Living’s founder, D. Gary Young, Young. This exclusive essential oil is only available to Essential Reward members after placing orders for 12 consecutive months

Purchase Exclusive Essential Rewards Kits

As a Young Living Essential Rewards member, you receive the exclusive benefit of purchasing Essential Rewards kits at a greatly discounted price. These kits are available only to Young Living Essential Rewards members and are just one more perk of membership. The Essential Rewards kits currently offer three options:

Everyday Oils Essential Rewards Kit:

Young Living has found a way to provide its exclusive members the benefit of some of the most beloved and important everyday essential oils. The Everyday Oils kit contains essential oils singles and blends based on membership favorites:

Essential Oil Singles

5 ml Frankincense
5 ml Lavender
5 ml Lemon Vitality™
5 ml Melaleuca Alternifolia
5 ml Peppermint Vitality™

Essential Oil Blends

5 ml Joy™
5 ml PanAway®
5 ml Purification®
5 ml Stress Away®
5 ml Thieves® Vitality™

NingXia Red Essential Rewards

Young Living has designed a kit that introduces its Essential Rewards members to the many benefits of wolfberries infused with essential oils. This set is available exclusively to its Essential Rewards members to discover NingXia Red, which supports the mind and body:

  • 750 ml NingXia Red (4 pack)

  • 2 oz. NingXiaRed Singles (30 pack)

Thieves Essential Rewards

Young Living Essential Rewards members get to experience the many benefits of the Thieves powerful essential oil blend in its many products. This set is available exclusively to members of Essential Rewards and includes:

  • 15 ml – Thieves essential oil blend

  • 1 oz – Thieves Spray (2 bottles)

  • 4 oz – Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste

  • 8 oz – Thieves Mouthwash

  • 14.4 oz – Thieves Household Cleaner (2 bottles)

  • 8 oz – Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (2 bottles)

  • 1 oz – Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier (2 bottles)

PV Automatic Shipping Program

The Essential Rewards PV automatic shipping program is a convenient and simple way to ensure you are never without your favorite Young Living products. The PV automatic shipping program ensues that product backorders don’t affect your Essential Rewards minimum purchase. Take advantage of the automatic shipping program that makes sure you’re never without your favorite Young Living products by having them shipped directly to your door by placing a monthly order!

Here are some other things to know:

  • You can cancel membership in the Essential Rewards program anytime you want.

  • You’re never locked in or required to keep ordering the same product.

  • You can change your order each month or keep everything the same. The choice is yours.

Members Receive Discounted Shipping

Essential Rewards membership allows all your orders to qualify for discounted shipping.

How to Sign Up for Young Living Essential Rewards?

If you’re totally new to Young Living, you can sign up for membership when you create your Young Living account and place your first order. After you select your Starter kit, you’ll see an option for Essential Rewards. You can choose an Essential Rewards Kit in addition to your Starter Kit, OR you can create your Essential Rewards order with whatever you want, if it is at least $50 in product above and beyond the kit.

If you’re already a Young Living member and have decided to sign up, there are two methods:

  • Online in your Virtual Office: This is where you purchase your YL products. Log in to your account, click “Essential Rewards” in the left-hand column, and follow the instructions.

  • Or, call YL at 1-800-371-2928.

For more details on how to sign up:

Click Here

What if I Don’t Want the Same
Products Every Month?

Don’t order them! Each Essential Reward order can be customized to fit your and your family’s individual needs. That’s what’s cool about the auto ship program. You can change what you order each month. You just need to make sure your order totals at least 50 PV every month to qualify for membership and its benefits.

click on Essential Rewards in the left-hand corner, click the “Edit” button, then the “Add Products” tab, and the “Add Products” or “Remove Products” button to customize your cart. Then save the order.

Ordering each month is simply:

  • log into Young Living’s Virtual Office
  • navigate to the Essential Rewards menu and click on
  • choose the products you need: essential oil singles and blends, body care, cleaning, and health supplements
  • choose your processing date
  • choose your shipping preference
  • choose your payment method(s)
  • hit confirm order.

After a few days, the pure essential oils will show up at your door! It couldn’t be any easier! And did we mention you’ll earn credit and points on the orders?

How Do I Redeem Points

There are a few things to know. You can spend up to 375 points every month. Items with a blue-green banner beside them can be obtained with points. Items without the banner are not.

When redeeming points, be sure you pay attention to each item’s POINT VALUE, and not the price. As mentioned above, most oils have a dollar-for-dollar, price-to-point amount, but not all do. If you are wondering how much point value you must “spend,”

Here is an example:

  • If you have 100 points in your account, you can redeem them for any product with a PV value up to 100 PV.

  • OR if you have 100 points in your account, you can redeem them for multiple products that have a TOTAL PV of up to 100.

  • All ER points redemption must be placed via “Quick Order.” You cannot use these on your Essential Rewards order.

Are There Penalties for Not
Ordering $50 Each Month?

It is important that you maintain consecutive monthly orders of at least $50 PV in order to qualify for Essential Rewards. However, Young Living understands that things can happen. If a member misses two or more monthly orders in a single year, the member will begin the qualifying period for loyalty points and gifts at the introductory levels. Any earned loyalty gifts will not be available upon new qualification.

Become A Young Living Distributor

Our mission at Mi Essential Oils is a simple one: to provide valuable education and resources on essential oils to every person interested in enhancing their mind, body, and spirit. We offer information on Young Living therapeutic essential oils, the purest and most authentic essential oils created through an intense research and production process. Young Living has created a product through a total commitment to quality and service. We know that every person, every family, and every lifestyle will benefit from the holistic benefits that therapeutic pure essential oils and essential oil blends can provide. It’s an honor to be part of your family’s health and well-being, and one that we take seriously.

Young Living works with loyal and knowledgeable distributors to provide the most personal and convenient sales and service experience for valued customers. In doing so, Young Living can help thousands of individuals reach their dreams of financial independence and total lifestyle design. Mi Essential Oils is here to offer support on your journey to becoming a Young Living distributor.

To learn more about becoming a distributor for Young Living and reaching your own personal goals for financial freedom and total health and wellness,

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The more you use Young Living essential oils and its other products, the more you will realize you can’t live without it in your daily life. If you’re a regular essential oil user and want to make sure you don’t run out, we strongly recommend that you sign up for Essential Rewards.