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Young Living vs Doterra Compensation Plan

In a March 29, 2019 release, Bloomberg reported that Young Living Essential Oils surpassed $1billion in sales in each of the last 3 years. Specifically, in fiscal 2017, Young Living reported sales in excess of $1.5 billion. At the same time, the essential oils market in the United States, alone, is estimated to reach $3.99 billion in 2019 and $10 billion in 2022. In the United States essential oils market, Young Living maintains about 38% of the market share.

So, if Young Living has approximately 40% of the essential oils market, who is your greatest competitor as you begin your Young Living Essential Oil Business. The greatest competitor is going to be doTerra, with doTerra essential oils realizing $500 million in sales, and holding about a 13% market share. Keep that market share in mind, as we get to the conclusion of this page.

So,what we’re going to do here is give a comparison of the two essential oil companies’ compensation plans.

Young Living Vs Doterra

The essential oils market has found its greatest marketing is through the Multi-Level Marketing, also known as “MLM”. The philosophy behind this marketing strategy is that consumers want to smell and experience essential oils before they buy. So, direct selling - where the buyer has direct access to the wholesaler - is the most successful forum for essential oils. MLM supports that strategy.

Multi-level marketing is defined by distributors / business owners to enroll new distributors / business owners. The distributor is paid income, commissions, bonuses, and other incentives, based on enrolled distributors. Distributor’s enrollees (with Young Living) are called distributor's "downline."

Young Living Essential Oils vs Doterra Compensation

Both Young Living and doTerra utilize the MLM marketing philosophy. But you may be asking what drives the MLM business for essential oils? Here’s a clue to some of them:

Essential Oils requires direct education to understand it benefits and applications

The increasing market trend to “Go Green”

The increasing market trend to use organic and natural products

The market’s search for natural alternative solutions to medicine

The market’s interest in health and wellness

Female and male consumers

The ability to run an essential oils business full-time and part-time

How does Young Living Essential Oils compare to Doterra? Let’s take a look.

Earning Potential - Young Living vs. DoTERRA

Young Living Compensation Plan

The Young Living compensation plan is available to its wholesale members. The company’s wholesale members are eligible to recruit individuals as new members (wholesale) and retail customers. They are not obligated to undertake business strategy or recruit new members.

To be eligible for income, through commission, the member has a requirement to place an order with a minimal 100PV in the month the commission is earned. There are multiple levels of earning capacity with Young Living.

DoTerra Essential Oils Compensation Plan

The doTerra compensation plan is available to its Wellness Advocate members. The company’s Wellness Advocate members are eligible to recruit both new members and what is called preferred members. They are not obligated to undertake business strategy or recruit new members.

In order to be eligible for commissions, Wellness Advocate members must first be considered at least a “Manager level”. In addition, the Wellness Advocate member must have downline team members and other customers before becoming commission eligible. With the downline team members in place, commission eligibility requires a 100PV order for the month of commission eligibility.

Young Living vs Doterra Comparison

Fast Start Bonus is good for the first 3 months.

  • 1st Level Downline – Earn 25% of the PV up to $200
  • 2ndLevel Downline: Earn 10% of the PV up to $80
Fast Start Bonus is paid weekly for first 2 months and enroller must have 100 PV to receive bonus.

  • 1st Level Enrollee – Earn 20% of PV
  • 2nd Level Enrollee – Earn 10% of PV
  • 3rd Level Enrollee – Earn 5% of PV
Start Living Bonus

  • $25 cash one-time bonus for enrolled distributors who order Premium Starter Kit
Rising Star Team Bonus: Share = $40 to $60

  • Star – 1 Share
  • Senior Star – 2 Additional Shares
  • Executive – 3 Additional Shares

Applies:  Star to Executive Level
Requires 100 PV monthly
Paid monthly

Power of 3 Bonus

  • Earn $50 when 3-1st Level Downline people have 100 PV
  • Earn $250 when 3-2nd Level Downline people have 100 PV
  • Earn $1500 when 3-3rd Level Downline people have 100 PV

Requires 100 PV monthly
Requires 100 PV for each of 3 legs
Paid monthly

Unilevel Bonus:

  • 1st Level Downline – 8%
  • 2nd Level Downline – 5%
  • 3rd Level Downline – 4%
  • 4th Level Downline – 4%
  • 5th Level Downline – 4%

Payout reduced by 70% when Fast Start Applies

Unilevel Bonus

  • 1st Level Enrollee – 2%
  • 2nd Level Enrollee – 3%
  • 3rd Level Enrollee – 5%
  • 4th Level Enrollee – 5%
  • 5th Level Enrollee – 6%
  • 6th Level Enrollee – 6%
  • 7th Level Enrollee – 7%

Paid monthly on team volume
Paid after 60 days

Leadership Share

  • Approximately $150 for every Silver in your organization
  • 3% of OGV for Silvers under you
Generations Bonus – Rewards teamwork

  • 2.5% of OGV (less yours)
Leadership Bonus Pool: This is good for Silvers & Above and is earned monthly

  • Earn percentage off the global profits.

This applies to Silvers & Above
Paid monthly

Leadership Bonus Pool:

  • 6% of global profits divided among leadership ranks.

This applies to Premiers & Above
Paid monthly

Retail Commission:

You earn 24% on the difference between retail and wholesale pricing.

Retail Commission:

You earn 25% on the difference between retail and wholesale pricing.

Young Living VS. Doterra Compensation Levels

These compensation plans for both Young Living and DoTerra are both complex in their levels and require a further in-depth study through compilation. However, to provide a generalized presentation it is easy to see that the plans are both an MLM compensation strategy plan.

Each company compensation plan is based upon an overall team volume, including downline sales.

Young Living Compensation Plan DoTerra Compensation Plan
Star 500 Manager 500
Director 1,000
Senior Star 2,000 Executive 2,000
Executive 4,000 Elite 3,000
Premier 5,000
Silver 10,000 Silver 9,000
Gold 15,000
Platinam 27,000
Gold 35,000 Diamond 36,000
Blue Diamond 75,000
Platinam 100,000
Premier Diamond 162,000
Diamond 250,000
2x Premier Diamond 324,000
Crown Diamond 750,000
Royal Crown Diamond 1,500,000

Grow Your Essential Oils Business

Both Young Living and doTerra offer compensation plans that provide incentive for business leadership and to really build your downline level distributors. This becomes very beneficial to the business builder and his/her downline, themselves also building a business. Why? Simply because the MLM business leader realizes greater commission from volume in the downline levels.

So, doTerra advocates suggest that it benefits because it increases the commission percentage the lower you go on the downline. However, commissions are based upon market share and company profits, which clearly and firmly should benefit the distributors for Young Living. Remember in my opening, that Young Living has realized $1.5 billion in sales, with a 38% market share. On the other hand, doTerra has realized $500 million in sales, with a 13% market share.

At the higher levels, where commission becomes relevant, company earnings are driving the income realized by the distributors.

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