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Become A Distributor FAQ2020-10-08T18:02:11+00:00

Interested in becoming a Young Living distributor? Are you already one and have questions about how to experience the same success as top performers? We are here to help. Please email us with any question you may have. We’ll think it over and respond as soon as possible

I’m Ready to get Started! How do I become a Distributor?2018-09-05T05:12:14+00:00

Congrats! You’re taking an important step in changing your life and keeping your friends and family healthy and happy. We have a full guide on how to become a distributor here.

I want to try essential oils. What’s the best way for me to start?2018-09-05T05:12:54+00:00

Choosing one of the starter kits will give you a comprehensive view of essential oils and their amazing benefits. They also come with literature to give you ideas for how to get the most from your oils, and some of them come with diffusers. They’re perfect for taking your first steps into the oily lifestyle. Click here to check them out.

Which Young Living starter kit is right for me?2018-09-05T05:14:39+00:00

There are a few kits to pick from. You just need to sign up as a member and you can select which package you want. Check out the options here

I want to get wholesale prices – if I sign up, does that make me a distributor?2018-09-05T05:15:15+00:00

No. If you want to enjoy the benefits of being a wholesale member, you’ll get a special link that you can share with family and friends to get credit for their essential oil purchases. There’s no minimum amount to “sell”. In fact, most of Young Living’s members don’t participate in the business side and simply buy from YL because of their unparalleled quality!

Do I have to purchase a certain amount of product each month?2018-09-05T05:15:58+00:00

There are absolutely NO minimum purchase requirements per month. To remain a wholesale member, you just need to make $50 worth of purchases every year to keep your membership.

Our mission is simple: provide valuable education and resources on essential oils to every person interested in enhancing their mind, body, and spirit. We offer information on Young Living essential oils, the purest, most authentic essential oils created through an intense production process and a total commitment to quality and service. We know that every person, every family, and every lifestyle can benefit from the holistic benefits that essential oils and essential oil blends can provide. It’s an honor to be part of your family’s health and well-being, and one that we take seriously.

Young Living works with loyal and knowledgeable distributors to provide the most personal and convenient sales and service experience for valued customers. In doing so, they are able to help thousands of individuals reach their dreams of financial independence and total lifestyle design. Mi Essential Oils is here to offer support on your journey to becoming a Young Living distributor.

To learn more about becoming a distributor for Young Living and reaching your own personal goals for financial freedom and total health and wellness, click here

Basic Starter Kit

$4500One Time
  • starter kit

Premium Starter Kit w/ Desert Mist Diffuser

$16000One Time
  • premium starter kit

Premium Starter Kit w/ Aria Diffuser

$26000One Time
  • premium starter kit