One of the most frequent questions when learning about this natural world is whether essential oils work for cancer. Although these products contain numerous properties for the relief of different diseases, which has been proven in different studies, these products do not work as a cure for chronic diseases such as cancer.

However, even if they do not represent a cure for the disease, essential oils can contribute to the process that the disease goes through. Improve your well-being and quality of life, as a complement to the treatment you take to fight the pathology.

Essential oils for cancer can act as a natural method to relieve discomfort, create an environment of well-being and help improve your mood. In other words, it is also possible to find benefits in essential oils during an illness such as cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with the disease and want to find relief in essential oils, then we can help. We will show you a list of the best essential oils for cancer and indicate how they can help improve your well-being and quality of life in the disease.

Essential oils for cancer

Used as a support during illness, making use of an essential oil for cancer can be very appropriate. Either to decrease discomfort associated with the disease or to manage the emotions of stress, anxiety or depression that may be triggered by the diagnosis or the process of fighting it.

For this reason we want to indicate which are the most used essential oils in these cases:


The properties of lavender essential oil are already well known. In this case, it is because of its property as a relaxant that it is considered appropriate for use in diseases such as cancer. This oil contributes to diminish the sensation of anxiety or other emotions attributed to the illness.

It generates a calm atmosphere and provides a better rest when fighting insomnia, so its use is appropriate to ensure that you can sleep peacefully.


Like lavender oil, chamomile acts as a relaxant and to combat insomnia. But it also helps to reduce panic attacks, as it acts directly to support the central nervous system and provide greater peace of mind to the body.

Bergamot and Cedar

Both bergamot essential oil and cedar essential oil can be very useful for patients diagnosed with some type of cancer. They help to improve people’s moods, act as controllers of depression and anxiety, so it is very appropriate to include them in these processes.


Like chamomile and lavender oils, peppermint essential oil not only helps to reduce insomnia and contributes to sleep and rest. It also increases the appetite and well-being of people affected by this chronic disease.

Lemon and Ginger

Other essential oils that can be widely useful during diseases such as cancer are lemon and ginger. These essential oils help to provide defences, as they strengthen the immune system and help to keep you more energetic.

In this same context, ginger helps to reduce symptoms such as vomiting or nausea caused by the process of chemotherapy or other aspects related to the disease.


Eucalyptus essential oil works as an analgesic, which means that it is suitable for reducing the pain associated with procedures or interventions.

How to use essential oils for cancer

As we have mentioned, essential oils for cancer do not work as a cure, but as a complementary treatment during the disease. They contribute to improving the physical and emotional well-being of the patient in a progressive way.

Aromatherapy is the most common way to use essential oils in cancer patients. The diffusion of some of the mentioned oils or a mixture of them, can help to improve the quality of life of the patients with cancer.

Topical application of essential oils is also very beneficial in providing a good mood and reducing pain from cancer-related procedures.

Using a moist towel and placing two drops of essential oils, essential oil spray, or lotion are other alternatives where our products can be used to create a better physical and emotional condition for cancer patients.

It is important to consult with your physician before using essential oils to ensure that they are appropriate. Also, learn how to use essential oils properly and get all their benefits.

Some of the essential oils can result in strong odors because they are very concentrated, so it is important to dilute with a carrier oil and use only a couple of drops.

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