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Have you ever opened your linen closet and noticed a stale smell? Perhaps you have sat on your sofa and felt as though it had a dusty scent to it? When this happens you can always turn to the commercially produced fabric refreshers to give your everyday textiles a much needed fragrance boost but before you pull that spray trigger you may want to consider a few things first.

Do you know what ingredients are in your air freshener and fabric spray?

The average fabric refreshing spray and air freshener has over 75 ingredients. These are chemicals that you are openly spraying in your home and on your textiles that come in contact with you directly. How comfortable are you with exposing yourself, your loved ones and your pets to those ingredients? If you could save money by creating a DIY linen spray by combining essential oils and other ingredients would you make your own spray bottle of refresher?

When you wash your linens you are infusing them with the scents of your washing detergent. If you already have chosen to go the all-natural route and use dye-free and fragrance-free soaps you probably have been utilizing essential oils on your favorite wool dryer ball to infuse a bit of fragrance onto your fabrics.  Sheets, towels, blankets and clothing are simple to scent but you cannot toss your carpet, couch or chair into the washing machine. In order to establish a fresh scent on these fabrics you will have to get a little bit creative with your products. 

DIY Essential Oil Linen Spray

If you are interested in creating a spray recipe that is safe for your home and family to inhale and all natural; you can follow a couple easy steps and enjoy the freedom of creating your own unique linen spray.

  • The first item you will need is a amber glass spray bottle. Amber glass limits light exposure and helps preserve the aromatherapy and therapeutic qualities of the essential oils within the bottle.
  • Take your empty and properly sanitized bottle and add 2 tablespoons of witch hazel, 10 drops of each of your favorite essential oils and then purified water to the bottle.
  • Shake up your mixture well and then you can begin spraying on dated scented textiles.

If you do not have witch hazel you can also use 1 tablespoon of vodka or rubbing alcohol for this recipe.

One of the most refreshing blends that you can create for your linen spray is lavender and lemon. This scent smells wonderful and can be used virtually anywhere. This spray can be liberally spritzed on blankets, towels, the bed, sofa, curtains, carpets and throw pillows. Every time a person sits on a sprayed piece of furniture or moves a textile with this spray the scent will be released into the air. This easy to make home spray works great for establishing a welcoming and calming scent in your home before guests comes over or anytime you feel the space needs an uplifting aroma.

If you are going to use any sprays on children’s’ bedding, cat condos or dogs beds you should be sure the essential oils are safe for inhalation. Lavender is always safe but some oils such as peppermint should only be utilized around adults. 

DIY Essential Oil Spray for Home

When you are mixing your DIY home spray you can keep track of your ideas in a scent journal. This journal will also be helpful in the rare event that you experience any side effects. There are so many invigorating, calming and inviting scents that you can experiment with for your fabrics.

Tea tree added to any of your homemade blends will offer antimicrobial benefits that can not only refresh but also sanitize the fabrics’ surface. There is quite possibly nothing better than establishing a great smelling home without using harmful chemicals.

One amazing positive bonus to creating your own sprays is the impressive cost savings you will experience. You can make at least a dozen bottles of fabric and air refreshing sprays from one bottle of essential oils. Because you are only using ten drops at a time for an entire amber glass spray bottle you have the freedom to blend scents and experience different creations.

DIY Essential Oil Spray Blends

Lavender is extremely calming and if you mix it with vanilla or chamomile you have a wonderful sleepy time blend that you can spritz on your bedding and pillows.

If you are trying to energize your home and have a very invigorating scent you can create a spray with orange and grapefruit to give your space a burst of citrus that screams summer and sun even on the coldest or dreariest of days.

If you enjoy the smell of fresh cut flowers you can easily incorporate a floral scent into your home by spritzing your curtains, rugs and furniture with rose oil or jasmine that is blended with witch hazel, vodka or rubbing alcohol and purified water. This floral blend will keep your home smelling like a summer garden year round.  You can also create seasonal scents that will remind you of summer, fall, winter and spring and use them year round to reflect on fond memories. 

Homemade Essential Oil Refresher Spray

Keeping homemade refresher spray on hand is an easy way to achieve a fresh smelling home. You no longer will need to be worried about pulling sheets or towels from the back of a linen closet for guests. That embarrassing dated smell on your clean linens will immediately disappear after a few sprays of your DIY blend.

You can also clean fixtures such as ceiling fans and then add a spritz to each fan blade. This will distribute the aromatic scent throughout your room when the fan is turned on.  These sprays are also safe to use on the upholstery in your vehicle and you can travel with them and spray around any hotel rooms you may need to reside in for work travel or vacation. There is no need to be surrounded by dated smelling fabrics when you can simply make your own natural essential oil infused room spray. 

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