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Essential oils are some of the oldest remedies known to man. For centuries, essential oils and botanical extracts have been used to enhance moods, invigorate minds, and soothe the body. If you’re new to the Young Living Essential Oils oily lifestyle, the sheer number of products and their many uses can seem daunting. To help you find information quickly, we’ve compiled answers from our experts on some of the most common questions we get. You can always reach out to us – we love to hear from you – but before you do, take a look at this section. Your answer might be just a click away!

What are Some Ways to Use Essential Oils Around my Home?2020-10-08T17:57:41+00:00

Essential oils are derived from plants, roots, and stems, so they’re packed with all-natural properties that will leave your house clean, great smelling, and germ free! Options are endless – but here are some of our favorite ways to begin using essential oils in the home:

  • Aromatically – Use a variety of oils in your home to make it smell wonderful or improve your mood or thoughtfulness. Put a few drops of your favorite oil into a diffuser to lift your mood and purify the air.
  • As a cleaner – Citrus oils, Rosemary, and Peppermint are all great to use in a variety of cleaning solutions. Research your favorite scents and you can find recipes for glass spray, kitchen cleaner, and so many more.
  • Lavender as a cure-all – This oil is widely becoming the most commonly used, and for good reason! Keep a bottle on hand to use aromatically, help you or your children sleep, and treat burns and headaches.
Can I Inhale Essential Oils?2018-09-05T05:19:00+00:00

Absolutely! There are a few methods for inhaling essential oils. A diffuser is a great tool, but you can also use dry evaporation, steam, or spray. Check out our kits with top-selling, high quality diffusers here.

What’s the Best Method to Apply Essential Oils?2018-09-05T05:18:30+00:00

Essential oils can be applied to skin, inhaled, or ingested. How you want to use the oils depends on which oils you’re using and for what purpose. Here are some general guidelines:

  • To treat a wound, apply the essential oils topically (on the skin)
  • To change mood, you an apply oils to the skin or inhale them. Some people find inhalation to be faster acting.
  • Using essential oils in the bath will help you inhale them, and is considered a topical application.
How do I Choose Essential Oils?2018-09-05T05:17:53+00:00

Different oils are used for different purposes. For example, some essential oils may help you calm down or invigorate your mood, while others are great for treating a burn or the common cold. What will best suit your needs depend on what you are trying to treat or change. Do research on the different types of oils and their purposes. Talk with those knowledgeable about essential oils. A Young Living distributor is a great place to start!

I want to try essential oils. What’s the best way for me to start?2018-09-05T05:12:54+00:00

Choosing one of the starter kits will give you a comprehensive view of essential oils and their amazing benefits. They also come with literature to give you ideas for how to get the most from your oils, and some of them come with diffusers. They’re perfect for taking your first steps into the oily lifestyle. Click here to check them out.

Our mission is simple: provide valuable education and resources on essential oils to every person interested in enhancing their mind, body, and spirit. We offer information on Young Living essential oils, the purest, most authentic essential oils created through an intense production process and a total commitment to quality and service. We know that every person, every family, and every lifestyle can benefit from the holistic benefits that essential oils and essential oil blends can provide. It’s an honor to be part of your family’s health and well-being, and one that we take seriously.

Young Living works with loyal and knowledgeable distributors to provide the most personal and convenient sales and service experience for valued customers. In doing so, they are able to help thousands of individuals reach their dreams of financial independence and total lifestyle design. Mi Essential Oils is here to offer support on your journey to becoming a Young Living distributor.

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