Exclusive Pricing For Members

As a Young Living Member you will get exclusive pricing and other benefits
  • Enjoy 24% DISCOUNT on all Young Living Products
  • Earn rewards and free product through loyalty program
  • Unique and Special promotions
  • Earn commisions by sharing Young Living
  • Enjoy reduced shipping costs
  • No Requirement to Sell! Enjoy The Benefits!

Building a business with Young Living is an exciting challenge. From the moment you make the decision to become a distributor, every step in this experience is unparalleled. Not only for transforming your life by using essential oils, but also for taking the step toward your financial freedom, personal, and business growth.

As simple as sharing your knowledge of essential oils with others, it’s the easiest but best way to explain how you will start a Young Living business. However, this is the first step in a journey of effort and persistence, the results of which depend on one factor: your dedication.

To make it easier for you to get started on this journey, we’ll leave you with this brief but interesting guide to help you learn how to form a Young Living business.

Why Start a Young Living Business?

We have repeatedly mentioned the benefits of becoming a Young Living member. However, there is a difference between being a Young Living member with the goal of benefiting from essential oils and doing so for the purpose of personal and financial fulfillment.

This is what defines the level of commitment you make. We’ll share below some of the reasons for starting a Young Living Essential Oil business.

  • This is a company with a proven track record of more than 25 years.
  • They are natural, concentrated products.
  • You help others find a better quality of life based on nature and by improving many aspects of essential oil application.
  • You manage to develop professionally thanks to the trainings, conferences, forums and other events that you attend to share your experience
  • You work at your own pace, with your own schedule.
  • You improve your life and your family’s life by learning about the use of essential oils and taking advantage of every benefit.


How do you build a business with Young Living?

Starting and building a business with Young Living is a process. These steps will help you learn how to effectively meet both goals.

Become a Wholesale Member

This represents the starting point for building a business with Young Living. A wholesale membership is required to be eligible for retail price discounts in principle and to enjoy the various benefits of this membership.

To become a wholesale member, all you have to do is purchase a premium starter kit, which starts at $165 and offers a 12-bottle essential oil kit, Thieves and NingXia Red line samples, and a diffuser. Excellent offer at a unique price.

Get to know the oils. Use them!

The best way to build a business is to know what you are selling. Once you acquire your kit, know about its use, live the experience and experience its benefits, it will be the most real way to know how to recommend the products.

Share the experience

After using the oils, sharing the experience will be important to start building a stable business. It is important to be transparent, to promote the benefits that you personally have obtained with the essential oils. Encourage others through your real-life testimony.

People will value the experience even more by sharing fragments of their personal story. Encourage by telling how essential oils have improved your life and your family’s life. While leaving open the possibility for people to obtain the same benefits in their daily lives.

Register New Members

Be sure to register new members or share the link that will lead them directly to registration. Accompany your team members every step of the way. Provide your member ID number to be used as a sponsor. This way you will get the compensation benefits for the registration of others.

Recommend products as needed

Meet the potential members. It is important that you recommend products to people according to their needs. This will allow them to purchase what they need on the spot and you can show the benefits more efficiently.

Whether it’s makeup, household cleaning and disinfection products, essential oils, or healthy supplements. The premium starter kits have a wide variety to facilitate that each person, find in them just what they need.

Create a community

It’s important that your business grows. To do this, accompany each member of your team constantly, create a community. Provide information. From recipes, to the properties of essential oils. This will increase confidence and generate a solid team, increasingly motivated to grow.

The Young Living premium starter kit contains a wealth of information you need to start and resources to take advantage of the unlimited business opportunity Young Living provides. To become a successful Young Living Distributor use all of these materials provided in the PSK.

To learn more about essential oils, visit our essential oil uses and benefits page with over 100 different ways you can use essential oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.