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People often have the misconception that the price of Young Living Essential Oils is high. And that they will not be able to access our products. The reality is different. At Young Living, we are committed to offering quality at an affordable price.

Our responsibility to improve people’s well-being, quality of life, and need for financial freedom leads us to manage value based on social context.

That’s why our products are individually affordable. However, purchasing a Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit is much more advantageous because you can save a significant amount of money while becoming an official member of our team.

If you want to know how much a Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit costs, continue reading this information. We’re sure you’ll find it very helpful.

Essential Oil Starter Kit Price

As we have mentioned, making our products available to people and becoming part of our Young Living team is our primary goal. For this reason, the price of an essential oil starter kit is varied and affordable for those who wish to purchase it.

Basic Starter Kit Pricing

The Young Living Starter Kit is usually the first choice for those who want to experience the benefits our brand offers. The kit currently costs $45.

Premium Starter Kit Price

Depending on the type of diffuser you choose, the cost of the Premium Starter Kits can be up to $260. This starter kit is valued at over $400, however, at Young Living, they are kept at bargain prices to ensure access for those who wish to join.

For example, the Premium Starter Kit with Aria Diffuser is valued at over $450 and at Young Living costs $260. These offerings are second to none and represent a great opportunity to start a new and effective business with Young Living

Whether it’s for personal use or becoming a Young Living Essential Oil advocate, a starter kit is required. These are a one-time fee, and you will have access to additional kits once you are a member.

What is the most affordable premium starter kit?

The minimum price for Premium Starter Kits is $160, with the exception of the Premium Starter Kit with Aria Diffuser and the Ningxia Red Starter Kit (which costs $170), which maintain this cost.

However, if you want to start with a cheaper option, you can purchase the basic starter kit.

And if you’re looking for a different alternative to Young Living membership, the Savvy Minerals makeup line offers its $150 after-tax starter kit.

Is a Premium Starter Kit worth purchasing?

Absolutely. Buying a Premium Starter Kit offers you the opportunity to get a diffuser in addition to a variety of high-quality oils. This translates into significant savings, as each of the products included in the kit, purchased individually, adds up to much more money.

So taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase a Premium Starter Kit is a great way to get started as part of the Young Living team. Plus, you have all the information you need-from Young Living Starter Kit brochures to other guides to help you better understand our purpose.

Benefits of purchasing a Young Living Starter Kit

From benefits like essential rewards, great discounts, memberships, to commission checks if you become a distributor, these are just some of the benefits of belonging to the Young Living family.

It is important to purchase one of the Starter Kits to take advantage of every benefit we offer you. Growing personally and financially is another important aspect of purchasing essential oils.

Plus, the ability to improve the quality of life and personal well-being of your pets, keep your home germ-free, and many other uses for our essential oils.

Our variety of Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit prices ensures that every person who wants to, has access to our products. Once you join our team, you’ll have access to a Young Living Essential Oil price list.

Using your Young Living Premium Starter Kit has never been easier. There are so many essential oils available and it can become confusing when you are specifically trying to treat certain ailments that might be plaguing you.

To learn more about essential oils, visit our essential oil uses and benefits page with over 100 different ways you can use essential oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.