Exclusive Pricing For Members

As a Young Living Member you will get exclusive pricing and other benefits
  • Enjoy 24% DISCOUNT on all Young Living Products
  • Earn rewards and free product through loyalty program
  • Unique and Special promotions
  • Earn commisions by sharing Young Living
  • Enjoy reduced shipping costs
  • No Requirement to Sell! Enjoy The Benefits!

If you love natural products, want to transform your life, and want to help others do the same, becoming a Young Living Essential Oil distributor is a great alternative.

Being an essential oil distributor is not only a change in your finances, but also a personal and professional growth that depends on your time and commitment.

As you begin your journey of transformation, abundance, and well-being with Young Living, you will be taking steps that will lead to financial freedom. In addition, you will be helping to bring a better quality of life to the people with whom you share your experience as a user and supporter of this new, healthy routine.

If you’re willing to start the change in your life, focus on the natural. We’ll leave you with all the information you need to know how to become a part of Young Living anywhere in the world.

Why Become a Young Living Distributor

Being a Young Living Essential Oil distributor is more than just a business. It’s about a lifestyle. To become a brand promoter and part of our distributor staff, it is important to learn about our products.

Living the experience, educating yourself on it, will allow you to more truthfully share the benefit and changes essential oils bring to your daily life. That’s why most of our representatives are knowledgeable about the many contributions of Young Living products.

This not only suggests a holistic change, where people are engaged in transforming body, mind, and spirit based on nature. It also suggests the opportunity to help others achieve better financial and healthful lives.

How I Become a Young Living Distributor      

To become an essential oil distributor, the first step is to become a Young Living member. This requires some procedures, so we’ll leave you with a brief explanation on how to become a member of our team.

Login to Member Registration

The main thing is to provide the data through our website, completing the registration of members. If you are being referred by another member, you must enter their information. A number that identifies each Young Living member.

After this step, you must enter your personal information and agree to our terms and conditions, including the social security number. You will then create your username and password to access our platform.

Choose a Starter Kit

It’s time to select the starter kit. This step is what differentiates a Young Living member from a potential distributor.

That’s because a member who wants to purchase only one or two oils a year or just learn about our products can start with the Starter Kit, which will meet all of their expectations.

A distributor, however, requires a more complete experience, a greater number of products, and even a diffuser if they are to properly delve into the benefits of essential oils. That is why it is recommended that you purchase a Premium Starter Kit to start your journey.

There are different prices according to the type of diffuser. You will have the option to choose for Premium starter kits from $165 and up to $265. This includes a collection of 11 bottles of oils and the diffuser.

Join the Essential Rewards program 

In addition, you enjoy 24% discounts on wholesale products. And the opportunity to join different programs. Among them is the Essential Rewards program, which offers greater benefits to distributors.

This step is not mandatory, although it is a highly recommended option. If you don’t want to join the Essential Rewards program yet, just choose the “No Thanks” option and continue with your registration.

Shipping and Billing Information

Once all the steps have been completed, it is time to insert the shipping information. Then check all the data provided, personal and financial. To then activate the order.

Welcome to the Young Living family!

Once you have completed these steps, you are now a Young Living member. When you receive your Premium Starter Kit, you can start showing the world the benefits of essential oils. And experience them firsthand.

You’ll be learning and teaching others how to change their lives through an oily, natural journey. While your financial freedom is on the rise, thanks to your commitment and willingness to push your own limits.

Becoming a Young Living Distributor is an opportunity for growth in all aspects of your life. Achieving your goals with us is up to you.

The Young Living premium starter kit contains a wealth of information you need to start and resources to take advantage of the unlimited business opportunity Young Living provides. To become a successful Young Living Distributor use all of these materials provided in the PSK..

To learn more about essential oils, visit our essential oil uses and benefits page with over 100 different ways you can use essential oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.