If you’ve heard of essential oils, you know that they are natural extracts. For these to work best you need to know how to use essential oils with a diffuser. Why? Simply because it is the best way to mix the oils and you can inhale them without losing their properties.

To do a count, essential oils are used to give you better rest, remove stress, relieve headaches and body aches and fatigue. All of these benefits are enhanced if you use an oil diffuser. Don’t know how to use an essential oil diffuser? Don’t worry, today you’ll see how easy it is to do. Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Whether you have an ultrasonic diffuser, a foil diffuser or a candle diffuser, they perform the same function, dispersing the oils into the air. Of course, some do it better than others. Today we are going to explain how to use essential oils with an ultrasonic device. These are the most popular today.

The first thing you should do is find a place to put your diffuser. Then pour water into a carrier oil to mix with your essential oils. If you use water, you must not exceed the limit marked on the container. Now choose your favorite essential oil or blend and add it to the diffuser. Close the container, turn it on and that’s it!

With these simple steps you will begin to enjoy the best aromas and therapeutic properties that essential oils offer.

Can I use any type of essential oil with any diffuser?

Once you know how to use your essential oils with a diffuser, another question may come to mind. That is whether you can use any type of oil with your diffuser. The simple answer is yes, as long as you are referring to essential oil brands.

However, when it comes to fragrances of particular oils, it is best to use those that are more viscous, more liquid such as lavender or geranium. Because if you use thicker oils, they tend to block the diffuser. Therefore, it is going to require you to take more care with the cleaning.

Whether you use pure oils or a blend of carrier oils with essential oils is also important here. That’s because carrier oils can be thicker. You must know which oils you are using with your diffuser to have a better result.

Importance of Cleaning Essential Oil Diffusers

You know how to use a diffuser with essential oils. Now you should know the importance of keeping your diffuser clean. This is a key point in the good use of aromatherapy.

It’s not just knowing how to use oils in a diffuser, it’s knowing that those oils leave a residue on it, which can clog it up or make it malfunction. As mentioned above, some oils are heavier than others, and they tend to leave a lot of residue in the diffusers.

When this happens and you do not clean the diffuser before placing a new mixture, it will have the expected effect. The volume of oil spread in the air will not be the same and will not have the same quality. With this you will be depriving yourself of the best therapeutic effects of your oils and all because you do not clean your diffuser properly.

So remember that every time you change the oils in the diffuser you must clean it properly.

Other methods to diffuse oils

The easiest way to use essential oils is by inhalation. With it you get double benefit, the therapeutic and the fresh aroma that floods your room.

One of the easiest ways to inhale is directly from the bottle. Open the bottle and place it near your nose. Repeat the process a couple of times.

Another method is evaporation. You use a bowl, which should be filled with hot water. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil blend and you will have a great and healthy aroma in the air. It is recommended that you bring your face close to the steam and inhale deeply, repeat the process.

On the other hand, you must be careful where you disperse your essential oils. If you are around pregnant women or children under 2 years old, only use oils recommended for these situations. A good recommendation is to follow the instructions given by the manufacturers.

You have already seen how to use a diffuser with essential oils, which is very simple. In addition, there are other methods of diffusion. Choose the one you are most comfortable with and start your journey to a healthier world.

A Young Living Essential Oil diffuser is a device that allows you to combine water with a minimal amount of  YL essential oils, for the purpose of dispersing a mist into the air, offering many aromatherapy benefits.

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