Among the things you should know about becoming a Young Living member as a distributor is the Essential Rewards program. It is one of the many benefits you will find as a member of our community.

The Young Living Essential Rewards program has several important points. While you don’t have to join when you become a member, we want to let you know what it is and why you should join. If someone told you about Young Living Essential Oils, they probably named this program. So if you want to know what Young Living’s essential rewards program is all about, read on.

What are Young Living Essential Rewards

This is a self-referral program. It focuses on benefits related to the purchase of products from wholesale members. Upon completing your registration as a Young Living member, you will have the option to join this program. It is also part of the brand’s many ways of rewarding member loyalty. Through it, our team members will have access to various rewards for their loyalty.

Essential Rewards Plan Benefits

Preferred shipping rates, accumulation of points, flexible shipping methods, and exclusive bonuses are some of the benefits found within Young Living’s essential rewards.

PV on every monthly purchase

One of the most outstanding benefits of the essential rewards, is the possibility to increase your PV’s and then spend them on purchases of our products. As the subscription time increases, so do the points.

For example, for the first three months of your subscription, you will earn 10% of the PV of your order in essential rewards points. After four months it will increase to 20% and so on for as long as the subscription remains in effect.

More explicitly, an order of 100 PV, allows you to earn 10% of your order in points. You can choose to redeem these points for free products immediately, or accumulate a larger amount and purchase more products.

Loyalty Gifts

In addition to the possibility of having free products, getting exclusive gifts for group members out of loyalty is another benefit of this program. To do so, you must place monthly orders of 50PV or more. The more you order, the more chances you have to get loyalty gifts. These gifts are given the first 3 months, then after 6 and 9 months. After 12 months, an exclusive blend is given to new members of the Essential Rewards Program.

Monthly Promotions

Another benefit of Young Living’s Core Rewards plan is the ability to access promotions based on the PVs you request each month. For example, free, discounted shipping. Gift oils from the purchase of a number of points, among others. Setting up automatic shipping is also part of the benefits Young Living offers Essential Rewards members.

Essential Rewards Plan Requirements

It is important to know that the Essential Rewards Program is not mandatory. You can choose to be a member of this plan at the time of registration or at another time. However, to enjoy the excellent benefits mentioned in the previous section you must be a member of the program. Therefore, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

On the other hand, within the requirements to maintain the subscription of the plan you only need to invest 50PV in products. That is to say, $50, since 1 PV is equivalent to one dollar. You can change up to 350 points per month. This is the limit of points to redeem during one month, later the amount is renewed. You will also be able to change the products of your order monthly. It is also possible to change the shipping date in case you need it.

In your virtual office, once you register, you will have all the information about the points you accumulate and the purchases you make. Remember that to enjoy the benefits of the Essential Rewards Program, you must continually maintain your minimum purchases of 50PV monthly. You will also be able to cancel your subscription to the program whenever you want, just make sure you redeem all the available points you have first. The Essential Rewards Program is one more way Young Living recognizes that you have chosen our team to transform your life toward health and wellness.

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Become a Young Living distributor

If you have already tried the essential oils and you wish to become a young living distributor, here we will tell you how to do it.

The first thing you have to do in order to become a young provider is to join the web page and go to members sign in. Once you are there, fill all the data and choose a kit in order to enjoy the benefits of becoming a young provider. On top of the uses and benefits from the essential oil, the young living distributor gains access to great wholesales discounts and can be part of a healthy and winner community.

For new members we recommended to start with the Young Living premium starter kit. With this starter kit, you can start to enjoy the best seller products and the best mixes, on top of a Young Living essential oil diffuser.

The young living premium starter kit is the best choice you can make when becoming a young provider and highlight the uses and benefits of the essential oil.