In addition to providing a highly refreshing smell, lemon essential oil has many different uses and a host of benefits for the skin, the body and the home. This oil is one of the most popular, because it has great advantages.

However, it is important to use it properly and taking into account some considerations because, its concentration is high and requires like all essential oils to know about its usefulness and how to make the most of all its properties.

We want to show you what Young Living Lemon Essential Oil is for and how to use it. That’s why we’re going to leave you with some of the most important benefits of this product, which you won’t want to miss out on.

For Anxiety and Depression

Finding an oil for anxiety can be complex among so many varieties. The essential oil of lemon can be very useful in this respect. Different studies have shown that the use of this essential oil can help to reduce anxiety by serving as an anti-stress resource.

The properties of lemon essential oil allow it to be used appropriately as a relaxing, stimulating oil that also contributes to improving mood and reducing depression.

For skin care

Since our skin is exposed to different environmental and chemical processes, finding natural products that help protect it and improve its care is elementary. The essential oil of lemon is a perfect ally to maintain a skin free of bacteria and with greater smoothness.

Its natural antioxidant characteristics help to eliminate all the dead cells found in the skin. In addition, it works as an anti-inflammatory for sensitive areas, such as bags under the eyes.

As a healer

We have already mentioned that lemon works as a natural antioxidant. Well, it also works as an antimicrobial. These elements combined, gives place to the essential oil as a supportive element in wound healing.

 To relieve pain

In addition to preventing inflammation, lemon essential oil works perfectly as an analgesic. This oil through the aromatherapy has the property to diminish slight pains.

It improves the respiratory process

It is well known that citrus fruits contain levels of vitamin C that help strengthen the immune system and decrease the chances of catching colds and coughs. In addition, lemon essential oil helps to clear the airways.

Because it works as a soother, this effect may help relax throat muscles, making breathing easier.

To energize the body

Lemon essential oil also works as a stimulant. Properly used, this product has the property of improving mood and providing the body with more energy. Either through its diffusion or direct application, it can be very favorable to provide energy to the days when we feel low spirits.


In addition, lemon essential oil can be used at home as a degreasing product. Removing the fat from dishes or any other place in the home, is very simple when using this product.

Delicious aroma

Using lemon essential oil as a diffuser or spray and obtaining a refreshing and natural aroma in the home is another benefit that can be obtained from this multipurpose product.

Recommendations when using lemon essential oil

Taking advantage of each of the properties that lemon essential oil has is important. Therefore, using the product properly becomes elementary.

One of the things to remember when using lemon essential oil on your skin is to avoid exposure to the sun. Wait at least 4 or 6 hours after application to get out. Because it has photosensitive properties and can be counterproductive to receive ultraviolet light.

In addition, the smell of lemon essential oil can be strong, because it is a highly concentrated natural product. For this reason, mixing it with a carrier oil is appropriate if a mild fragrance is desired.

For relaxation or anxiety, it is advisable to spread the lemon essential oil in the room during the night. This, in addition to a relaxing and warm atmosphere, will provide greater benefit to sleep and rest properly.

As you can see, Young Living Lemon Essential Oil is one of the must-have products in your oil collection. You’ll get numerous benefits in one bottle to enhance your health and well-being.

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