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We all know how calming, soothing, invigorating and even healing essential oils are once we’ve begun using them. Our tensions and stress melt away and our muscles relax; our worries begin to fade and any cold we may be suffering from begins to feel a bit better. There is no arguing how beneficial essential oils are for wellness but did you know there are many ways to enjoy the full benefits of these oils? If you are using essential oils you are probably already mixing with carrier oil and applying directly to your skin for relief and utilizing their aromatherapy benefits throughout your home with diffusers.  You can also make your own fabric refreshing spray and bring your oils with in your vehicle and enjoy their aromas with a car oil diffuser but did you know you can also use some of your favorite essential oils in the bath tub? There are some basic rules to follow before you start mixing essential oils into the water but they are easy to follow and remember. 

The main rule to follow when using essential oils in the bath tub is to remember just as you would not apply your oils directly on your skin; you should not add them directly to the bathwater. Essential oils will not mix with water; they naturally separate and then seek a surface to cling to. If you pour your essential oils directly into your filled bath tub the oils will then cling to your body. Oils should not be placed directly on the skin without carrier oil. You should also not add the oils directly under running water. This will disturb their properties and they will release their aromatic properties before you enter the oil bath. 

Now that you know you should not pour the oils directly into the tub and then get into the water you may be wondering how you can take advantage of the oils in the bath to relax your muscles, boost your mood and calm your mind. There are several ways that you can properly use your oils in the bath. The first is the less involved method; grab your favorite carrier oil. Mix a few tablespoons of your favorite carrier oil in a glass with a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Pour this mixture into the tub and then get in and relax. Make sure your bath water is warm but not too hot. Hot water mixed with the oils can sometimes cause dizziness. Some oils should be avoided or used very sparingly within the bath tub because they are known to irritate the mucus membranes and can end up irritating exposed body parts.

The most common oils that should be used minimally or not at all in the bathtub include:

The safest oils to use in the bath are:

If you want to spice up your bath a little bit and you have some extra time on your hand then you can make a bath salt blend to soak in that will feel absolutely divine.  A simple bath salt recipe requires a glass jar or air tight container, Epsom salt, the essential oils you plan on using for a specific reason and baking soda is optional. If you are looking to create a sleep inducing or calming salt blend you will want to utilize chamomile and lavender.

If you are trying to establish an invigorating and awakening bath that will help melt the stress away you can use citrus scents from lemongrass, bergamot and some frankincense to increase circulation. Mix ingredients with a tablespoon inside of the jar so the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout. If you add a few tablespoons of baking soda you will add detoxifying properties to your bath.  As you soak for about a half an hour your body will absorb the properties of the essential oils and you will begin to feel the impact of their essence. 

You can also add your favorite Young Living essential oils to a bubble bath.  Bubbles are often light and positive mood inducing which will help alleviate stress and make the bath more enjoyable. Mixing oils into a bubble bath works on the same premise as mixing them into your tub with carrier oil. You should always utilize an unscented and all-natural liquid soap. Pour your soap into a glass and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Mix well with a spoon and then drizzle into your bath water. In this case it is ok to run a bit of the soapy mixture into the actively running stream of water. This will encourage bubbles to arise. All of the bubbles will be filled with the refreshing and relaxing scents of the oils you added to the soap. 

Using essential oils in the bath tub is simple and great for promoting a healthy and less stressed lifestyle. As far as essential oils are concerned you should always buy high quality oils and use them sparingly. Essential oils are derived from plants and are literally the essence of the plant in its purest form. Less is more and you do not need to over-do it when adding them to your bath routine. When you are experimenting with new essential oils you need to treat them as you would any product that will make contact with your skin.

Always use a test area on your body and apply a small amount of your blend to that spot. Wait a few hours and recheck that surface spot for irritation. If your body does not react negatively then you can go ahead and sparingly use that oil in the bath. When you exit the bath you should take a rinse off in the shower to remove any excess oils or soap from your skin. You have allowed the oils to work while you were soaking and breathing in their aromatic properties.