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The Thieves Premium Starter Kit has everything you need to introduce natural, chemical-free products into your cleaning and self-care routine. The Young Living Premium Starter kit includes essentials like foaming hand soap and sanitizer, natural toothpaste, and natural alternatives for household cleaners.

What’s Included in the Thieves Premium Starter Kit?

  • Thieves 15-ml
  • Thieves AromaBright™ Toothpaste
  • Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash
  • 2 Thieves Cleaner
  • 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
  • 2 Thieves Spray
  • 2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
  • Stress Away™ 5-ml
  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
  • Thieves Household Cleaner 1-oz. sample
  • 10 Sample Packets
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles
  • 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples
  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • Essential Oil Magazine
  • Essential Edge
  • Member Resources
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Thieves Starter Kit Uses and Benefits

Originating from the natural plant life that surrounds us, essential oils have been used for centuries by many cultures for their medicinal properties. And they are still being used today! The extraction methodology may have evolved from the use of the mortar and pestle to more advanced techniques, but the chemistry remains the same.

Essential oils help to promote mental, emotional, and physical wellness. The properties contained in these plant extracts have been found to have great cosmetic benefits, and they make excellent cleaning agents for your home and office. Over the years, Young Living has found a way to maximize the benefits of essential oils.

Through the visionary work of our founder, along with a team of passionate health and wellness experts, we have incorporated essential oils in a wide range of products fit for everyday use.

About Thieves Oil

A proprietary brand created by Young Living, Thieves Essential Oil was inspired by an old legend about four thieves in France. During the 15th century, the thieves would rob persons infected with the bubonic plague. To protect themselves from becoming infected, they would rub themselves down with a blend of clove oil, rosemary oil, and other aromatic botanicals. Because of the positive outcome they experienced, Thieves Oil was crafted and tested. The combination was so well received and highly praised that a wide range of products was created.

Thieves Oil Uses and Benefits

Thieves essential oil is an excellent, chemical-free way to achieve cleanliness, health, and wellness. It comprises all-natural ingredients, making it very effective as an air purifier and to promote relaxation. These are a few ways you can incorporate Thieves oil in your daily routine:

  • Add a few drops to your bath or humidifier.
  • Apply topically for a relaxing massage or as a decongestant.
  • Use it to clean around cuts and bruises to prevent infection and boost healing.
  • Mix a few drops of Thieves in water and gargle to ease sore throats.

Thieves Oil products will take care of all your household needs:

  1.   Oral Care
  • Thieves Dental Floss
  • Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste
  • Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste
  • Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash
  • Thieves Breath Mints

For healthy teeth and gums, and fresh breath, without all the chemicals that can do your gums harm and cause your tooth enamel to decay while cleaning your teeth and freshening your breath. Thieves Oral Care line is perfect for persons looking for a more natural and safer choice.

  1.   Household Cleaning
  • Thieves Washing Up Liquid
  • Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Thieves Laundry Soap
  • Thieves Spray
  • Thieves Wipes

Time to throw away your chemical cleaning products! From dishes to laundry, to countertops and other hard surfaces, Thieves is great for cleaning up around the house in a chemical-free way. Thieves Spray can be used to clean and deodorize toilet seats and other surfaces, and the wipes make a quick clean up easy.

  1.   Personal Care
  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
  • Thieves Bar Soap
  • Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier

You expose your hands and skin daily to germ riddled surfaces, frequent washing, air condition, heat, dust, etc. By trying to stay clean and germ-free, the cleansers we use contain harsh chemicals that may leave our skin dry and unnourished, and wrinkled. Thieves Personal Care line is the perfect addition for you and your family. The amazing blend of essential oil, aloe vera, and other moisturizing ingredients helps to cleanse and moisturize your skin.

  1.     Balance and Wellness
  • NingXia Red for antioxidant support
  • Stress Away

Achieving physical, mental and emotional wellness can often be a task. With our fast-paced world and busy schedules, our health is often times neglected until it’s too late. But Thieves has made that easy to achieve even with chaotic daily routines. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants from fruit extracts and essential oils, NingXia Red Juice detoxes your body, while boosting your immune system and energy level. It’s even safe enough to use as a substitute for coffee for that energy boost during the day.

Stress Away contains essential oils from lime, vanilla, copaiba, lavender, and cedarwood. It creates a calming effect needed to alleviate your stress. Massage it into your skin or add a few drops to your diffuser, humidifier, or warm bath. Your Thieves Starter Kit includes a sample of this amazing product so you could say goodbye to stressful days!

What makes Thieves Essential Oil so beneficial?

Thieves essential oil consists of oils extracted from many different plants, trees, and vegetables, for example, the clove flower bud, lemon rind, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf, and rosemary leaf. Because of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the quality of life will be all the better for using them. Healthier minds, skin, teeth, air, and homes are some of the possible side effects of using Young Living’s Thieves brand of products.

Thieves Oil Usage Guidelines

Young Living stands by its Seed to Seal quality commitment so that the quality of our essential oils are very close to the actual extract. However, Thieves products are very potent so, make sure you read the usage guidelines before using to decrease the risk of adverse reactions. A little goes a long way, so in most cases, it is better to start slowly with a few drops and gradually build your daily use.

Thieves Starter Kit

Ready to take control of your well-being? Whether you are just starting on a path to healthier living or want to continue a regime, Thieves Premium Starter Kit is the ideal choice. The kit contains the following:

  • 1 Thieves Essential Oil (15 ml)
  • 1 Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste
  • 1 Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash
  • 2 Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
  • 2 Thieves Spray
  • 2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
  • 1 Stress Away (5 ml)
  • AromaGlide Roller Fitment
  • 1 Container of Thieves Mints
  • 10 Sample Love It? Share It! Business Cards
  • 10 Sample Bottles of Love It? Share It! Oil
  • 2 Samples of 2 oz. NingXia Red
  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • Essential Oil Magazine
  • Essential Edge News
  • Member Resources

Thieves Premium Starter Kit FAQ’s:

Is Thieves made from 100% plant-mineral base ingredients?2019-03-14T06:16:58+00:00
Is Thieves an all-purpose cleaner?2019-03-14T06:16:11+00:00
How many drops should I put in a 2-ounce dark glass spray bottle?2019-03-14T06:15:30+00:00

10-15 drops of Young Living Thieves essential oil mixed with about 2 ounces of distilled water.

Is Thieves a natural household cleaner?2019-11-30T19:01:16+00:00
How much is the Thieves Premium Starter kit cost?2019-03-14T06:13:54+00:00