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Essential oils for mosquitoes are very powerful and effective thanks to their active ingredients. They are characterized by preventing insects from biting you or, depending on the use of the product, from lurking around the place.

Just in case it’s not enough, in case one of you gets stung, these essential mosquito oils help reduce itching, infection, or possible skin swelling. That is why its use to combat these annoying and uncomfortable little animals is very effective and recommended in the world.

10 best essential oils for mosquitoes

There are essential oils for mosquito bites that can heal you. Through this article you will find out more about the advantages you will have when applying these products. As well as the properties they own according to their origin.

Aromatherapy is a technique that is increasingly used because it seeks to prevent and control certain diseases. What is relevant is that it uses ingredients derived from nature, such as essential oils.

The list is broad when it comes to essential oils for mosquitoes. However, our selection is summed up to 5 of the best products to combat, in different ways, the presence and effects of these restless insects.

  1. Eucalyptus and lemon essential oil

    Combine essential oil of eucalyptus and lemon is a mixture widely used to repel mosquitoes. Its effectiveness is very old, and it was first tested at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States.

    The Journal of the Mosquito Control Association of the United States published a study showing that 95% of insect bites are disabled for three hours.

    Only by applying 32 % of the essential oil. To test its effects at home, just add 10 parts of base oil (sunflower or hamamelis) and a part of the essential oil of eucalyptus and lemon. It is advisable not to use it in children under 3 years.

  2. Cinnamon essential oil

    Cinnamon has works as a repellent and relieves in case of mosquito bites. This very refreshing, relaxing and beloved smell of man is completely repudiated by mosquitoes. One of its main benefits is the elimination of all kinds of insects, including eggs or pups.

    You can spray it with a spray combining the essential oil with a little water. This allows the diffuser to spread it comfortably around the room. It is advisable not to apply it to the skin directly, even with water. It could have irritating effects on the skin.

    The ideal is to spray the contents of the mixture on furniture, curtains, clothes, closets or places that frequent mosquitoes. You can even apply it to plants, exteriors and gardens.

  3. Lavender essential oil

    Is another natural essential oil with an aroma that relaxes people. However, this scent repels the mosquitoes by making them go away as if by magic. In addition to its powerful effect to ward them off, it has incredible healing properties against stings and relieves both burning and itching.

    To facilitate the effects, it is best diluted according to the manufacturer’s indications, especially if it goes directly to the skin. Once you know how to do it, apply it to your ankles, wrists, and areas where you consider, making the mosquitoes go away.

    Insect bites leave you with an annoying feeling. So much so that you will feel pain and want to scratch on the affected area. Lavender essential oil is a good option for these symptoms. It contains elements that help ease discomfort and heal quickly.

  4. Thyme essential oil

    Malaria-transmitting mosquitoes flee from thyme essential oil. From the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, an investigation was conducted where the product was 91% effective.

    Thyme can be an effective mosquito repellent for short durations.

    Laboratory studies have shown that topical applications of compounds of thyme essential oil can provide 89.0–97.3% protection against the common house mosquito for up to 82 minutes.

    Burning thyme leaves can also help repel mosquitoes, providing about 85% protection for up to 90 minutes.

  5. Peppermint essential oil

    This oil comes from damaged leaves and serves to repel mosquitoes in quantity and outdoors. From the Research Parasitology, a journal where it was published that the essential oil of Greek catnip mint can protect, only with a dew, for more than three hours the person.

    If you want an essential oil that has an exquisite aroma, do not hesitate to choose the peppermint. This helps you at the same time to reduce the damage, discomfort or itching you may feel. Within its relevant characteristics it is found to work as an analgesic.

    Using peppermint may be another natural way to repel mosquitoes. The authors of a 2011 review concluded that high concentrations of peppermint essential oil are effective, but they could not find any research on lower concentrations.

    study in 2011 found that peppermint essential oil was effective against mosquito larvae and provided 100% protection against bites from adult yellow fever mosquitoes for up to 150 minutes.

  6. Basil essential oil

    Basil essential oil will bring you multiple benefits. Among the advantages it will facilitate you with the healing process. This is because the plant has substances that helps regenerate the cells in the part where the peck took place. Forget about possible infections.

    Basil is a common ingredient in many cuisines, but it may also be a moderately effective mosquito repellent.

    The authors of a 2011 review looked at several studies testing basil as a repellent. Some field studies in Kenya found that just the potted plant provided nearly 40% protection against a type of mosquito that can carry malaria.

    The authors also noted that in a laboratory study, basil essential oil provided up to 100% protection for more than 6 hours against yellow fever mosquitoes. The researchers applied the oil topically.

  7. Oregano essential oil

    Oregano essential oil can solve problems when a mosquito bites you. This plant has properties that work to prevent possible complications and fight bacteria and insects. The sheets of this have been examined by specialists who demonstrate their effects.

    Oregano oil may not kill all bugs, but is an effective way to repel bugs like mosquitoes, beetles, fleas, cockroaches, and an entire array of other common pests. Oregano oil can be mixed and used in a spray bottle as a bug repellant on skin or act as a barrier around homes.

  8. Chamomile essential oil

    Refreshing, soothing and infection control, so is the essential oil of chamomile. When you apply it you will immediately feel a sensation of freshness and relief, in addition you will reduce the inflammation. Some experts say it is so effective that in the first few doses you will begin to feel changes.

  9. Tea Tree essential oil

    You have as another option the tea tree essential oil, which is rated as among the best. It has the power to reduce the swelling or inflammation that may occur in the area. It also acts naturally as an antibacterial and antifungal due to its components.

    Tea tree oil is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, but recent field studies have also noted it as an effective repellent against mosquitoes, bush flies and biting midges.

  10. Rosemary essential oil

    Rosemary essential oil combines two important aspects: good aroma and effectiveness for treatment. If you’re worried that the sting from these annoying insects will cause you pain, then this is for you. The attributes of this aromatherapy include anti-inflammation, antiseptic and antimicrobial.

How to use

People can purchase natural mosquito repellents that include the essential oils above. Researchers have found that a commercial formula that contains glycerin, lecithin, vanillin, coconut oil, geranium, and soybean oil has similar effects to DEET and can repel mosquitoes for up to 7 hours.

People can also make repellents at home by combining essential oils with water or carrier oils, such as coconut or soybean oil, to either use as a room spray or apply topically.

Some people may find that their skin reacts to essential oils, so it is important to do a patch test on a small area of skin first.

Certain essential oils can also make the skin prone to sun damage. People should not use essential oils on irritated or broken skin.

As some essential oils are only effective for a short time, it is best to reapply these formulations more regularly, particularly after going in the water or sweating.

Treating mosquito bites

Even with mosquito repellent, you may get itchy, painful mosquito bites. To treat mosquito bites at home, you can try rubbing apple cider vinegar at the site of the bite. Putting a slice of raw onion or freshly cut garlic on the bite can also provide relief and guard against infection.

If you do develop an infection or allergic reaction due to a significant amount of mosquito bites, take note of your symptoms and contact your doctor. An elevated temperature, pus or bleeding where the bite is, or scabs that won’t go away could be a sign of a problem.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to make home insect repellent with aromatherapy?

For this you must have at home an essential oil for mosquitoes. In addition, a diluent that allows you to improve the fluidity of the product once it is consolidated. Then pour it into a diffuser or spray and spread it everywhere. The smell repels them and keeps you safe inside or outside the house.

  • Why use essential oils as mosquito repellent?

First it is a safe method because it has 100% natural ingredients. Moreover, they have been tested by scientists, studies and research that make it clear that their power is infallible. It is even better than the chemicals that have anti-insect products.

  • What are the benefits of using essential oils for mosquitoes?

Immediate and prolonged protection, no side effects, the aromas are pleasing to humans and affordable compared to those made with chemicals. They are friendly to the environment and to human health.

  • What are the warnings and care you should have when using these essential oils?

Essential oils are ideal for their healing properties. Its ingredients include materials derived from nature and that are best for mosquito bites. Choose one of the ones we recommend and follow these warnings, tips or care for better effect: Obtain quality essential oils

In order to obtain positive results it is essential that you buy quality essential oils. You need to evaluate which one you’re getting so you don’t have adverse reactions. We advise you to get the ones that are outstanding and of good properties.

  • Should Essential Oils should be diluted?

Most of the essential oils that are strong should be diluted with other oils that are pure. For example the lavender, tea tree and rosemary can be mixed with coconut oil, aloe vera or olive oil. Others that are less potent need not be dissolved with more ingredients.

  • An effective

Recipe that will help you to relieve and overcome insect bites is to combine several essential oils. Use only a few drops of each, mix with pure oils, hamamelis, and water. Then apply to the affected area.

  • For children.

Children’s skin is more delicate, so not all oils are recommended. They should not be applied, for the little ones, oregano or mint. Before that replace them with softer ones, such as lavender, among others.

  • Essential Oils to avoid.

Oils that are essential recommended in this list are the main ones to treat this evil. However, there are others you have to avoid because they are adverse to such a problem. Among those you should avoid are cinnamon, Jamaican pepper and cloves.

Uses and benefits of the essential oil

Essential oils have a wide range of uses. If you have chosen to shift toward natural, using essential oils is your best option. You can use them for aromatic purposes, you can use them for your skin or internally.

It’s noteworthy that, depending on the use you choose for the essential oils, you can get different benefits. If you choose to use the essential oil topically, it will benefit your body and your mind, so it can relief aches and will make you have a refreshing sleep during nights. These are just a few uses and benefits of essential oils.

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