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As a Young Living Member you will get exclusive pricing and other benefits
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We have often mentioned that Young Living is a brand focused on the growth and well-being of the people who join the team. From the beginning of your experience as a member and later as a distributor, you have the opportunity to take your knowledge to a higher level and accompany this with recognition.

As each distributor advances in the consolidation of their team and gains a customer base, they can reach a level within the company that will allow them to strengthen their business, become motivated, while advancing in their commitment to build their own business.

Young Living Rank Advancement

Changing lives is the main purpose of this company, which is why every month Young Living adds even more members to its team. This is because of the countless benefits essential oils provide, to which our family members bear real witness.

Based on this, Young Living recognizes the efforts of its members and enables them within the company to move forward in their personal and professional growth. This is possible through the ranks in which members can be placed as they gain experience within the business.

How do you rank at Young Living?

Rank advancement at Young Living is based on three stages. These are clearly laid out in the compensation plan that will allow for greater access to this information. Below we explain what each stage is:

Build the Foundation

Within this stage you will be able to advance to the Star, Major Star and Executive ranks. Each one of them, with excellent benefits. In principle, you are in the distributor range, whose characteristic is a group organization volume of less than 500.

The necessary requirements to reach the mentioned ranks are


In this case, the group volume of organization reaches 500 points monthly, but remains below 2000. To reach this range, it is necessary to obtain the 500 VGO. You can do this according to your orders.

Senior star

In this range the group volume of organization should reach 2000. In this case, it is important to follow up on the members you have registered. Be sure to accompany each person of your team, to guide in the use of the oils, in sharing the experience. That also adds up to progress in your ranks.


This level is the last of the first stage. In this case, 4000 VGO points are required. But it also requires two lines with group volume of at least 1000 points each.

Within this stage, by meeting the requirements, of time, legs and organizational group volume, you will be able to obtain a “Road to Silver Bonus”. This is a reward for the way you organize the basis for building your business within the first rank advancement.

Build your business

The following ranges are located within this stage:


The organizational group volume required is 10,000. In addition, you must have two 4,000 VGO legs and a 1000 point VGP line. The latter are the minor lines to executives.

During your advancement in rank, personal consumption will remain at 100 VP. This means that the monthly investment you must make is minimal to maintain your membership.


In this case the required VGO is 35 thousand points. Three legs or strong lines of 6,000 points each and in addition, one of 1000 points of VGP.


The level of demand becomes more interesting and at this level a VGO of 100,000 is required. Four strong lines of 8,000 each. And a VGP of 1,000 points.

Already at this stage you start with a leadership bonus per generation. In this case, it is paid in shares according to the rank reached in the month.

Developing Leadership

At this stage, it’s not just about transforming lives by leading others to the abundance and well-being of Young Living. It’s about promoting the company’s mission around the world. The ranks are:


A group organizational volume of 250 thousand points is required. Five strong legs of 15 thousand VGO each and a line of 1000 VPG.

Crown Diamond

In this case, you need to raise a VGO of 750,000. Six legs of VGO of 20 thousand each. And a line of 1000 VPG.

Royal Crown Diamond

This is the highest rank in the company. A monthly VGO of 1,500,000 is required. 6 legs or strong lines of 35,000 and a line of 1000 VPG.

The Young Living premium starter kit contains a wealth of information you need to start and resources to take advantage of the unlimited business opportunity Young Living provides. To become a successful Young Living Distributor use all of these materials provided in the PSK.

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