Exclusive Pricing For Members

As a Young Living Member you will get exclusive pricing and other benefits
  • Enjoy 24% DISCOUNT on all Young Living Products
  • Earn rewards and free product through loyalty program
  • Unique and Special promotions
  • Earn commisions by sharing Young Living
  • Enjoy reduced shipping costs
  • No Requirement to Sell! Enjoy The Benefits!

YL Go and YL Go+

Young Living has recently rolled out two new annual subscription programs called “YL Go” and “YL Go+”. These programs were designed by Young Living to offer even more opportunity for its valued Essential Rewards members to save money.

When you subscribe to YL Go and YL GO+, you will receive free shipping within the programs’ guidelines. Specifically, you’ll receive priority order processing with convenient shipping credits. Estimated savings have been realized of up to $122.64 by YL Go members.

The only requirement for the subscription to YL Go or YL Go+ is an Essential Rewards membership. The money-back guarantee allows the option of canceling your prescription within twenty days from your subscription sign-up.

Click Here. for the full YL GO and YL GO+ Terms & Conditions. So, let’s lookat Young Living’s YL Go and YL Go+ shipping programs in greater detail.

Subscribe and Save

YL Go and YL Go+ is Young Living’s subscription-based shipping program and it is available to all Essential Rewards members. It’s Young Living’s version of Amazon Prime. So, for the cost of your subscription price, YL will award you shipping credits for your future Young Living orders. YL Go and YL Go+ provide priority order processing and priority delivery of your annual orders – that means 2 to 4 days delivery for every order guaranteed. Leave it to Young Living to bring its members those essential oil products quicker and discounted.

These subscriptions are a great benefit to Young Living Essential Rewards members who regularly place monthly Essential Rewards orders and other Quick Orders throughout the year. This program provides significant savings in shipping costs and shipment arrival time. So, let’s get to the basics of each subscription option.

YL Go for Only $59 for a 12-Month Subscription

Here’s what you will receive with a YL GO subscription:

  1. 12 Essential Rewards shipping credits for stress-free priority shipping
  2. 1 Bonus Credit for an additional stress-free priority shipping for the first year
  3. Priority processing of your orders
  4. A $10 flat-rate charge for all overnight shipping
  5. You’ll note that for YL Go subscriptions, all orders placed after the 12 ER orders plus one additional bonus credit, your shipments will be charged regular standard shipping rates. Additionally, priority processing will also expire. After the first year of subscription, the bonus 13th credit is not available.

YL Go+ for Only $129 for a 12-Month Subscription

  • Here’s what you will receive with a YL GO+ subscription:
  • 12 Essential Rewards shipping credits for stress-free priority shipping
  • 24 Flexible Creditsfor any Essential Rewards and Quick Orders during the first year
  • Priority processing of your orders
  • A $10 flat-rate charge for overnight shipping
  • Discounted standard shipping on orders once subscription credits are used

You’ll note approximately 3 times the number of flexible shipping credits with YL Go+. In addition, YL+ subscribers have the flexibility of choosing how to apply their credits. YL Go+ subscribers can use the free and priority shipping on all orders.

That means you can choose to use your credits on either Essential Rewards or Quick Orders. Keep your total YL orders to 36 and your shipping is free. Even after you have used all flexible shipping credits, further shipping is discounted to you.

Here’s What YL GO and YL GO+ Looks Like

YL GO ($59 annual subscription) YL GO+ ($129 annual subscription)
12 Essential Reward order credits 12 Essential Reward order credits
1 bonus credit – 1st year subscription 24 flex credits (on ER, or Quick Order for first 12 months)
Priority order processing Priority order processing
$10 flat-rate shipping on any overnight order $10 flat-rate shipping on any overnight order
Normal standard shipping once credits are used Discounted standard shipping once credits are used
Flexibility of Using Credits for ER or Quick Order

As Young Living explains the program, how you use your 24 flexible credits under the YL Go+ subscriptions varies, and depends on your ordering habits, business expenses, downlines, and other variables that are specific to you.

How Do You Enroll in YL Go and YL Go+?

  • Sign up for Essential Rewards Membership
  • Sign in to you Young Living Virtual Office
  • Choose Essential Rewards
  • Click on the tab for YL Go
  • Sign up for YL Go or YL Go+ subscription
  • Start receiving your Young Living shipping credits

What YL Go Level is Right for You?

As a Young Living Essential Rewards member, if you place as few as 8 Essential Rewards orders each year, you will realize substantial savings by signing up for a YL Go subscription. And, if you’ve been thinking about becoming an Essential Rewards member, this opportunity has got to convince you just how valuable ER membership really is.

Just consider the shipping savings you’ll receive with YL Go and YL Go+. For example, if you typically place just your 12 Essential Reward monthly orders that include essential oil products, your typical shipment costs will be approximately $7.99 for non-priority shipping. That results in annual shipping rates of $95.88. For that alone, with YL Go, your shipment savings is approximately $37.00; and this doesn’t consider the additional bonus shipping for that special Quick Order you might make.

If you typically place large product orders, like Ninxjia Red, or place more than a single monthly order, your savings will be even greater. For just $59 and a YL Go subscription, you receive 12 Essential Rewards orders with credits for free shipping at priority processing and delivery. For just $129 and a YL Go+ subscription, practically all annual orders will ship for free at priority processing and delivery.

Sign Up for YL Go and YL Go+ Now

You already know that Essential Rewards membership is perfect for you, now you have YL Go and YL Go+. So, sign up today for more benefits with shipping that is fast, convenient, and money-saving!


The following constitutes the terms and conditions (“Terms”) for YL GO and YL GO+ (sometimes referred to collectively as the “Shipping Services”). These Terms are between you and Young Living Essential Oils, LC and/or its affiliates (“Young Living”) and they govern Young Living’s respective rights and obligations along with your respective rights and obligations, as those rights and obligations relate to the Shipping Services. Your membership of YL GO and/or YL GO+ is also governed by the Young Living Policies and Procedures and all other agreements incorporated therein, which (as changed over time) are incorporated into these Terms. In the event of any inconsistency, these Terms shall prevail. By signing up for YL GO and/or YL GO+, you agree to all such terms, conditions, requirements, and limitations.

For the Complete Sign Up Sheet and print Out: Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Young Living go?

  • YL GO is a 12 month shipping subscription and provides you with free shipping for up to 12 qualifying Essential Rewards Program (“ER”) orders (1 per month) and, in the first year, 1 additional qualifying ER shipment (13 months total).

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