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What are the benefits of using essential oils for stress?

There are many factors and life situations that can cause stress. However, the ideal is to avoid it, eliminate it or know how to calm it down. Because stress can cause major illnesses that won’t do our bodies any good. If you are looking for a natural way to treat it, then resort to essential oils.

Excessive work, agitation of the day or worries can lead you through stressful situations. This is an emotional state that is characterized by exhaustion, both physically and mentally. If you have such a symptom, you can begin to overcome it with essential oils . This kind of products will help you alleviate that emotional load caused by one or another factor. In this post we will detail what are the advantages of essential oils for stress . Do not forget to read below their uses, where you can buy them and which are the best for this purpose.

What are essential oils?

The oils known as essential are those that come from the extract of some natural property. These can be from plants to flowers, which are the most common and have the highest recognition. However, there are also roots, wood or large trees.

Once the natural item to be used is selected, a process to obtain the oil must be carried out. The procedure consists in the distillation of said plants or flowers, as the case may be. Through this method the properties that are favorable for the human being are obtained.

Reducing stress is one of the main aspects of these products that are favorable for people. You can use it in different ways, both you and your family. Experts increasingly recommend using them in order to reduce the fatigue generated daily.

Essential Oil Benefits

What are the benefits of essential oils for stress ? The benefits are varied. You will get your body to relax and your mind will begin to clear once you use them. These products will calm your nerves, improve your spirits and increase your concentration levels.

But the benefits go beyond reducing your stress, because you will also get advantages in all your organs. The so-called essential oils reassure part of the nervous system and reduce pain in different areas. Among them are discomforts in the muscles.

In some cases they will favor you during your sleep hours, since you will rest better. They will also help you with other emotional states such as anxiety, depression, anguish, worry or agitation. It has powerful effects because its properties reach the entire body.

Main types of oils

Do you know what is best to use these essential oils? That you will have many varieties. Among them are those of rose, vanilla orange and jasmine, known for their excellent aroma. The most prominent are those of lavender and bergamot, as they have positive effects against stress.

Also, there are those of chamomile, cananga flower, carrot seeds, sandalwood, rosemary, citronella , tuberose, patchouli, linalool , cedar, lemon, and so on. You can select the one you like best because they all contain qualities and characteristics that relieve anxiety levels in people.

For example, according to research by George Washington University, orange oil of this type helps with such problems. The study said that exposure to these products “would improve markers of fear or stress.” This is because they have no “side effects that are adverse.”

How are essential oils used?

You have many ways to use essential oils in order to reduce stress. The first of these is to use it as aromatherapy, which consists in using it through the respiratory tract. To do this you have to place it in the environment where you are and then inhale deeply.

You can add it in your room, bathroom or house when you need to relax. Your nose will perceive it, while your brain and other organs will begin to feel all the effects. The essential oils uses as these have become a good strategy with these disadvantages.

Not only can you spray them in the air, we also recommend that you inhale them directly. Place your nose in the product for a few minutes to stimulate the senses. You even have the option of using a diffuser of essential oils that are devices that disseminate the content.

Other uses

There are other ways to use these oils that are essential and that work against stress. What are these different ways of using it? You can also use it for massage. That is, taking a little of the content and then applying it on a part of your skin.

The areas where you can frequently apply it are the legs, arms, neck and back. Perform some circular massages with your fingertips in order to obtain the desired relaxation. Another very common way is to use it during the bath, since it serves to rest.

For this case you have to add the oil in the water where you are going to take a bath. This can be a tub or any similar instrument. Then get in the water and stay there for a few minutes. Combine it with even more mechanisms like listening to music that relaxes you in the process.

7 Essential oils for stress

Over the years it has been proven that essential oils are ideal for treating stress. The natural calming properties they possess act quickly effectively for these cases. If you suffer from a lot of stress in your day-to-day life, you can start using them. We recommend you to use the best, of which we will be speaking below:

  1. Sandalwood essential oil

    At the top of this list of the best essential oils for stress we have sandalwood oil. In addition to being known for soothing qualities, it is able to increase your concentration. In this way, it becomes an ideal extract for all students whose stress level does not allow them to concentrate well in classes.

  2. Lavender essential oil

    Lavender essential oil is used for several cases, due to the great variety of properties it possesses. Among them, is the quality of being an incredible relaxing. Both to relax stress and to relax any pain you have in your body. It is one of the most well-known extracts and one of the quickest-acting ones.

  3. Rose essential oil

    All people know the rose to be one of the most beautiful flowers of all. But hardly anyone really knows the properties that this flower also possesses. The oil extract of the rose has the quality of being relaxing and will allow you to improve your mood. If you mix it with some geranium oil, it will help you sleep better.

  4. Lemon essential oil

    Following the list we have to talk about lemon essential oil. In this case, it is an oil that, like the previous one, will allow you to improve your mood. This will make you live each day with a better mood and avoid stress. If you use it at night, you can also take advantage of its incredible effects as a sleeping pill.

  5. Chamomile essential oil

    Chamomile is one of the best known plants when it comes to calming nerves. Since simple chamomile tea is used for it. However, the essential oil of this flower has a higher percentage of the properties. It will therefore have a greater effect on the person using it.

  6. Jasmine essential oil

    Following with essential oils that are obtained from flowers, we find jasmine. Not many know about this type of oil. When true it is able to both soothe stress and improve mood. This is why it is also used as a treatment in cases of depression. When you use it, you will also realize that you will have a more restful sleep.

  7. Rosemary essential oil

    Finishing with the list of the best essential oils for stress we will talk about rosemary extract. It is a soothing in every sense of the word. Not only in terms of mood or mood. If you have muscle aches, which can come from the same stress, this oil will also calm them.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to use essential oils for stress?

The best way to use these essential oils to soothe stress is through aromatherapy. It is a technique by which you get vapors from the essence that you have to inhale. For this, you need a bowl with hot water, where you will add a few drops of the oil. The steam that comes out of it, you must inhale it.

  • What is the best essential oil for stress?

All the essential oils mentioned in the above list work very well to calm stress. However, if we are to choose only one as the best, it must be the essential chamomile oil. It is one of the most effective and can be used even by people with hypertension.

  • Do essential oils have side effects?

Since these are natural extracts of plants and flowers it is very unlikely that you will generate a side effect. Unless you are allergic to the plant in question. In that case, you should look for a different essential oil to calm your stress levels.

Where to buy it?

If you are wondering where to buy essential oils do not worry because you have many options. Acquire them in stores specializing in naturist items that you will get at the main shopping centers.  Also, ask for recommendations and advice from sellers.

But if you can’t buy it this way because you’re busy, do it through online stores. On the Internet it is easy to get these products at really affordable prices. Costs will vary depending on the type of oil, size, amount of content, among others.

The Young Living essential oils are items that have greater demand because of its benefits. When making your purchase take into account that they have a wide variety of products of this type. They will sell you from small bottles to those that are medium.

Recommendations for use

We advise you to use essential oils when you arrive home after a tiring day. Do not place it on items such as the bed or pillow. On the contrary, spread it in the air, in your body, in a cloth or bathtub and enjoy its advantages.

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