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Young Living Compensation Plan

Earn Money with Young Living Essential Oils

Congratulations! If you made it to this page, it’s safe to assume that you want to learn more about becoming a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. It may be that you love essential oils and are ready to produce some income by sharing your passion. Perhaps you’re already a Young Living distributor and are looking to build your business or find further business support.

Regardless of your motivation, Mi Essential Oils wants to be a trusted and valuable partner to support you on your journey to becoming a successful business owner and a distributor for Young Living products. We’re here to provide information and support in all things Young Living.

In these pages, we’ll take you through everything there is to know about the Young Living compensation plan, and how you can trulyattain a rewarding income. At the same time, you’ll bepromoting health and wellness to others through Young Living essential oils and other essential products.

Why Become a Young Living Distributior?

But in case you need more convincing, here’s a few reasons we recommend starting a Young Living business venture as a Young Living distributor:

  • Business builders earn generous comprehensive compensation plans, commissions, bonuses and other incentives!

  • Participate in Young Living global events, like the Global Leadership Cruise, International Grand Convention, and Harvest events.

  • Help others through proven, high quality “Seed to Seal” standards for pure and therapeutic essential oils and other Young Living products.

  • Represent products that promote the benefits of innovative research and development, global resources, and proven industry leadership.

  • Provide other individuals with knowledge and opportunity to test and own products that bring health, wellness, and happiness to their lives.

  • Provide other individuals with knowledge and opportunity to test and own products that bring health, wellness, and happiness to their lives.

  • Low start-up investment to begin – simply purchase a Young Living Starter Kit for $160 and you have what you need to get started.

  • Become your own boss. Own your time and work the way that you want!

  • No employees to manage.

  • No management of shipping or inventory – it’s a stress-free business!

  • There are no quotas or monthly sales minimums to meet.

  • Easy to manage on your own time – perfect for stay at home parents, busy students, or overworked professionals looking for a side income.

  • Perfect complement to health professionals looking to supplement their practice (for example, yoga instructors, chiropractors, aromatherapists, etc.).

  • Terrific travel opportunities.

  • Earn the chance to learn and grow through company sponsored education and training conferences.

  • Network marketing format is a great way to meet new people.

  • Business tax write-offs.

  • Learn and spread knowledge about essential oils and earn income and bonuses.

  • Experience special corporate recognition for accomplishments and leadership!

That’s just a few of the reasons we love Young Living. But really, the bottom line is that being a distributor for Young Living allows you to design your own business potential and lifestyle – work where and when you want, by sharing your passion and helping people, and keeping your precious time your own.

Take the First Step – Become a
Preferred Member

Become a Young Living Preferred member. That is the first step to a profitable business venture with Young Living. If you have been using and sharing the incredible Young Living products, you’re likely already a Preferred member.

All Young Living distributors begin their independent business through their Preferred membership status. This opens the door for authority to sell Young Living products, to start your Young Living business, and to start earning income as a distributor.

If you need to take that first step to become a Young Living Preferred member, simply click here to purchase a Premium Starter Kit with a wholesale account. Now, you’re ready to take control of your destiny while doing nothing more than inviting others to learn more about terrific products that will do wonderful things for their families!

Benefits of Becoming a Preferred member

  • Exclusive Member Wholesale Pricing:

    • Save 24 percent off retail pricing on all Young Living products,
    • Save money with exclusive specials and promotions every month.
  • Essential Rewards:

    As a Young Living Preferred member, you become eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards subscription program

    • Earn 10%, 15%, and up to 25% on each order credited back to you in Essential Rewards points to use toward future products.
    • Receive convenient and automatic shipments and much more.
  • Education Opportunity:

    Young Living provides on-going education opportunities through newsletters, and attendance at conventions and seminars.

  • Community:

    Young Living provides a close-knit community of supporters. In addition to the person who introduced you to Young Living, the entire Young Living family and staff are ready to assist and encourage you, as you become a Preferred Customer or join its Business Builders.

Take the Next Step to Earn Income
Become aYL Independent Distributor

Become an Independent Distributor

To become a Young Living independent distributor, just sign up here. If you need detailed instructions, check out this section. Purchase a Premium Starter Kit at just $160. It’s a great investment at a low cost and qualifies you for distributor status.

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit comes with everything you will need to begin enjoying and sharing essential oils and Young Living products with friends and family. The Premium Starter Kit is a great value, since it’s normally about $300 at full retail pricing.

By signing up here, you’re taking an important first step as a business owner, since we can offer you all the support, guidance, and documentation you need to truly be successful with Young Living. We are here around the clock to answer any questions and collaborate with you on your journey to success.

Use Those Essential Oils!

Once you receive your Young Living Premium Starter Kit, study the oils and begin experimenting with them. Every time you use an essential oil or experience a great result, write down a testimonial so you know the ones that work best for various purposes. Share that information with others.

There are thousands of uses from health, wellness, beauty, cleaning, and so much more. It can take years to try different oil combinations and learn their various uses, so don’t feel bad if it takes some time!

What’s Next? More Earning!

So, your friends see you loving essential oils and you have signed them up to try some. That’s great. Now, you’re ready to begin earning Young Living’s residual income (income disclosure).

Here’s where that generous compensation plan comes into play. Young Living offers a compensation plan to its independent distributors. You’ll receive a percentage of profits each time someone orders Young Living through you. What’s great about that is that most people who want to try oils would prefer to become a member so that they can get the tremendously discounted wholesale pricing available to Preferred members. This begins your network of business growth and rewarding income opportunities.

For more details on the full compensation plan,

Click Here

To begin with, just try to get 3 sign ups. If you do that, you’ve paid for your starter kit! So, you’ve gotten all those essential oils, a diffuser, and other products and materials for free!

Now, stay with us! Because below, we will give you a bit more information on the earning capacity for even more income, commission, and bonuses through Young Living.

What’s the Best Way to Spread the
Word About Essential Oils?

The ways to share essential oils with others are virtually unlimited! For many Young Living distributors, spreading the word happens organically because of their love for the essential oils and their success in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle with the aid of essential oils in their daily regime. If you need some additional ideas, try these:

  • Teach a class on essential oils

  • Offer one-on-oneteaching sessions on essential oils

  • Write testimonials or experiences on your personal and business blog

  • Post on social media

  • Integrate essential oils into your natural healthcare, aromatherapy, yoga, and wellness profession

  • Answer questions about essential oils and a Young living business opportunity when people are curious

Basically, talk about the essential oils the same way you would about any new product, place, or service that you love! Consider the many ways essential oils have improved your life and take the opportunity to share that information with others!

How Do I Enroll a New Member?

When you signed up with Young Living, you received a member number. Anyone you are assisting to sign up should use your member number as a sponsor, and thereby become part of your downline “leg”. The steps to enroll another as a Young Living member are the same ones you likely followed:

  • Go to the Young Living website
  • Create an account
  • Enterthe enrollee’s member number
  • Purchase a Young Living Premium starter kit

Become a Young Living Member:

Click Here

To make enrollment even simpler, you can create a custom link that automatically fills in your member info – you can give that link to people who are ready to order. The enrollee will click through the link, and your information will be filled in for them.

To find that link, log into your Young Living Virtual Office and look under “Member Resources” on the left for the “Link Builder”. If you want, paste that long link into a link shortener like tinyurl or bitly to make it smaller

How Will I Get Paid?

Every Young Living distributor is paid by the company once per month – typically mid-month. You receive each month’s commissions from the previous month (so June’s earnings will be paid in July). If you earn less than $25in a month, you will receive a credit on your Young Living account. For earnings in excess of $25, you will receive a deposit or a direct deposit into your preferred account.

If you’re curious to see the official Young Living income Disclosure form:

Click Here

Young Living Offers 8 Different Ways to Get Paid as a Distributor

  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Start Living Kit Bonus
  • Unilevel Commission
  • Retail Customers
  • Generation Leadership Commission
  • Rising Star Team Bonus
  • Diamond Profit Sharing Pool
  • Travel Rewards Bonus

Fast Start Bonus

From the moment you make your very first new member enrollment, Young Living will pay you. Here’s how:

You earn 25% on the Personal Volume (PV) of your new enrollee for the first 3 months of his/her purchases. (example: your friend enrolls in January. For the first 3 months, she purchases product with a PV of $300 each month. For January, February and March, you will receive commission of $75 each month, or $300 X 25% = $75 for 3 months).

When your enrollee then enrolls a new member, you will earn 10% on the Personal Volume (PV) of that new enrollee for the first 3 months of his/her purchases. (example: your friend soon enrolls a new member in April. For the first 3 months of your friend’s enrollee, he purchases product with a PV of $200 each month. For April, May and June, you will receive commission of $20 each month, or $200 X 10% = $20 for 3 months).


  • You must maintain a $50 PV for each month
  • There is a $200 commission cap for each new enrolled member
  • There is a $80 commission cap for your second-level enroller

Start Living Kit Bonus

When your personally enrolled member orders a Premium Starter Kit in the month of enrollment, you will earn a one-time $25 cash bonus from Young Living.


  • There is a $80 commission cap for your second-level enroller

Unilevel Commissions

This is where distributors begin to make commission through their Young Living business. Under this ranking, you have enrolled individuals into Young Living membership. Each new member you enroll is called a “leg” and is considered a first level leg for you as the distributor. When your enrolled member then enrolls someone, you are given credit as a second “leg” qualified enrollee for you.

Young Living pays its distributors a standard commission. After you enroll at least two first level legs, Young Living will pay you a standard commission. Commissions begin to accrue starting on the fourth month after the enrollee’s member status. So, once a member is with you for 3 months, you’ll qualify for Unilevel commissions, so long as you maintain an individualmonthly 100 PV order.

At that point, you’ll see that those members you’ve signed up will probably start sharing the good news and sign up members, too. With Unilevel commissions, you earn on members from level 2, 3, and so on.

For each first level leg member, you will earn 8% of their total PV volume. For each second level leg, you will earn 5% of their total PV volume. For each third, fourth, and fifth level leg, you will earn 4% of their total PV volume.


  • Distributor must maintain 100 PV monthly
  • Distributor must enroll at least 2 first level legs members

Unilevel Status - Retail Customers

Young Living distributors who are considered Unilevel distributors, also earn a commission of 24% when you sign up a retail member. Under the retail member plan, you will not receive residual income.For that reason, we at Mi Essential Oils always recommend enrolling at the wholesale membership level – it’s a great deal for the new member and really builds your path to financial success, unlike other network marketing companies.

Generations Leadership Commissions

When a Young Living distributor reaches the level of Silver, you become what is called a “generation”. When you reach the level of Silver and above, you qualify to earn additional commissions on your downline PV volume. This payout is based on6.25% of Young Living’s total commissionable sales each month.

Also, when you, as a team leader, bring your enrollees to a Silver ranking (meaning that an enrollee becomes his/her own generation) then you receive an additional 3% commission on that generation’s group volume through to the 7th generation, depending on current pay rank qualification. That looks something like this:

With the Young Living leadership levels, you can also receive what is called Generational leadership “shares” as follows:

  • 1 sharefor Silver rank

  • 2 shares for Gold rank

  • 3 shares for Platinum rank

  • 4 shares for Diamond rank

  • 5 shares Crown Diamond rank

  • 6 shares for Royal Crown Diamond


  • The distributor must achieve Silver status ranking or above.
  • The distributor must maintain a personal 100 PV monthly

Rising Star Team Bonus

The Young Living Rising Star Bonus is another incentive made available to Essential Rewards members. This bonus is based on having legs with qualifying OGV (Organization Group Volume), and 100 PV in an ER order.

Stars, Senior Stars, and Executives are eligible to earn Young Living shares are based on 1% of allYoung Living’s monthly commissionable sales. The amount paid to the distributor is determined by the number of shares he or she earns (up to $50 per share). The bonus is paid to the sponsor.

“Commissionable sales” means sales of all Young Living products with a PV value that is sold globally. Young Living calculates 1% of those sales and divides it among qualifying distributors, based on the number of shares held by the Star distributor ranking.

Commissionable sales may fluctuate monthly. The bonus is also earned over 24 consecutive months, regardless of whether you meet other monthly qualifications.


  • The distributor must be paid as a Star, Senior Star, or Executive.
  • The distributor must maintain a 100 PV Essential Rewards ordermonthly
  • For 1 Share - the distributor must build three legs with 100 PV in an ER order PLUS have at least 300 total OGV(overall group volume) for each leg
  • For 3 Shares - the distributor must have five legs with 100 PV in an ER order PLUS have at least 500 total OGV(overall group volume)for each leg
  • For 6 Shares - The distributor must have seven legs with 100 PV in an ER order PLUS have at least 1,000 total OGV (overall group volume) for each leg
  • A total of 6 shares may be earned

Diamond Express Profit Sharing Pool

The Diamond Express Profit Sharing Pool is a profit-sharing pool designed to reward Young Living diamond leaders for helping to build the company on a global level.

Each month, .5% of Young Living’s total commissionable sales are paid out in shares to each of the Diamond leaders, Crown Diamond leaders and Royal Crown Diamond leaders. The shares are paid in accordance with the distributor’s paid-as rank.


  • The distributor must be paid under a Diamond ranking or higher.
  • All qualifications for the previous year must be met.
  • The distributor must earn a minimum of 10,000 leadership points within 1 year.
  • The distributor must host an international or domestic meeting.
  • The distributor must attend the Young Living convention, Global Leadership trip, and at least one harvest event yearly

Travel Rewards Bonus

Young Living has thought of everything to support its distributor leaders through the Travel Rewards Bonus. The Travel Rewards Bonus was created to assist with travelling expenses to encourage Young Living leaders, at Executive levels and above, to attend special events and training opportunities.

The Travel Rewards Bonus is distributed as a pooled share, based upon 1% of Young Living’s monthly commissionable sales.

One-half of the Travel Rewards Bonus is calculated based on volume levels:

  • Executive Rank – earn shares by up to 5 levels of Unilevel volume

  • Silver Rank+ – earn shares based upon generation volume

One-half of the Travel Rewards Bonus is earned through meeting requirements, such as:

  • Rank advancement

  • Rank maintenance

  • Organization growth


  • Distributor must be paid as an Executive or higher for the first half bonus.
  • First half points are redeemed toward Harvest registration, Convention registration and Global Leadership events.
  • Distributor must meet certain requirements to qualify for the second half bonus (example: individual rank advancement, growth, maintenance).
  • Second half points are redeemed toward Global Leadership events.
  • Though this bonus is considered commissionable earnings, it will accumulate as points in Virtual Office.
  • If the second half of the Travel Rewards Bonus is not used, Young Living will not report it as income to the distributor. It will then be re-distributed to others in the qualifying pool.

Young Living Income FAQs

How much can I really earn by becoming a Young Living distributor2019-03-25T17:01:49+00:00

You can virtually earn as much as you want! Here is the full income disclosure statement. Read this first. Now take a look at some real figures.

Example, if you’re just starting out as a distributor and want to make $270/week in commission, you will need to sell $3,398.13 worth of PV (product value) at 8% commission under the Unilevel status

So, there’s no quotas for Young Living Membership?2019-03-25T17:02:25+00:00
Is there a quota to receive a distributor commission?2019-03-25T17:08:53+00:00

Yes. To earn acommission, you mustmaintain at least an individual 100 PV (so roughly $100) of orders each month. Most distributors are also Young Living essential oil and product users, so this is easy to do. If you need some creative ideas for using the essential oils, click here.

Don’t forget to sign up for Essential Rewards so that you’re also earning toward free product with every order!

What else should I know about earning income with Young Living?2019-03-25T17:11:06+00:00
Retail Earnings2019-03-25T17:14:10+00:00

When you personally sponsor retail customers, you may earn the 24% difference between the retail and wholesale price for their orders.

What must I do to earn the Start Living Kit Bonus?2019-03-25T17:17:52+00:00
How often is the Fast Start Bonus paid?2019-03-25T17:19:10+00:00

This bonus is paid each month during each of the first 3 months as a distributor.

Are any commissions affected by me receiving the Fast Start Bonus on a new enrollee?2019-03-25T17:20:05+00:00

When you receive a Fast Start Bonus is earned, all PV that is used to calculate the Unilevel, personal generation, generation, and pool bonus payouts will be reduced by 70%.

What must my new enrollee do so I receive the Start Living Kit Bonus and the Fast Start Bonus?2019-03-25T17:20:58+00:00
Can the Start Living Kit Bonus and the Fast Start Bonus be received if a member reactivates his/her Young Living membership?2019-03-25T17:21:29+00:00
When do Travel Bonus Points Expire?2019-03-25T17:22:04+00:00

Travel Bonus Points expire after 12 consecutive months or else when travel opportunities may have passed, whichever event occurs first.

What is the Fast Start Bonus?2020-03-30T22:50:29+00:00

Earn a generous 25% bonus, up to $200 each, on your new, personally enrolled members’ orders during the first three calendar months! • Second-level enrollers earn 10%, up to $80 each, on the newly enrolled members’ orders described above during the same time period!

What is the Starter Kit Bonus?2020-03-30T22:51:25+00:00
What is the Rising Star Team Bonus Pool?2020-03-30T22:51:58+00:00

Only Stars, Senior Stars, and Executives are eligible to earn shares based on 1% of all Young Living’s monthly commissionable sales. The amount paid to the member is determined by the number of shares he or she earns (up to $50 per share). Qualifications: 1. Paid as a Star, Senior Star, or Executive 2. Have a 100 PV Essential Rewards order 3. Build three legs of at least 300 total OGV(overall group volume) each to qualify for one share. Add two legs of at least 500 total OGV(overall group volume)each and receive two more shares. To earn three additional shares for an overall total of six, add two legs of at least 1,000 total OGV(overall group volume) each.

What is the Generation Leadership Bonus?2020-03-30T22:52:08+00:00

6.25% of all Young Living’s monthly commissionable sales is paid out in shares according to the rank you achieved for the month and on the leaders in your organization on which you earn generation commissions.

What is the Diamond & Crown Diamond Leadership Bonus?2020-03-30T22:52:23+00:00

Young Living pays 0.5% of the monthly commissionable sales in shares to Diamond leaders and Royal Crown Diamond as a reward for helping to build Young Living worldwide.